By Danny - 25/04/2011 13:07

Today, I witnessed two women in a catfight, ripping clothes off each other. This would have been great if the two women weren't my mom and my grandma. FML
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LOL that is hilarious!

who won?


LOL that is hilarious!

tpreston 0

op should be grateful he can see his grandma. mines dead

that's kind of and grandma ripping each others clothes off? yuck. I think I know where this is going ...... ;D


i think i saw a **** start like that... except it was some sexy moms of the nonwrinkly type

TinyDude 10

lets have a vid OP.

17, if yours was alive would you want to see that? I wouldn't.

the image scarred me for life XD

I feel for you

SuperDerp 8

Talk about getting flashed...

wincest!!!!! but op why did you kept watching??? i mean, if something like that happens in my family, i would simply walk away

116, I'm sure to walk away from something that is disgusting to watch, you would have to see it first to know it's disgusting. What I'm trying to say is, OP may have walked away, but before he walked away would have witnessed it, even if just for a second. It's not like you have to watch minutes or hours of something disgusting before it revolts you.

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Lol all the pervs that were disappointed reading this

OP you're a sick-o! Being all jazzed at two woman fighting? I get that some think that's hot but it's really its horrible! YDI being your family for being a perv

That's hilariously sad.

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go grandma!

this is leading to redneck ****

ImaWiseGuy 5

kids, kids let's not over react now....

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lol 2, awesome pic

Heh thanks. Took it myself.

who won?

I'm gonna go with g-ma. she was the devil, you know.


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10 - XD

10 - Agreed!:D

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10-WIN! the movie devil was actualy really good. im not sure if the other above me got that enaligy (idk how its spelled)


may I askk why you were watching?

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it's called hanging out with your (crazy) family.

my thoughts exactly!!!

If he was watching, he/she should have taken out their phone and video tape it. I would watch it, but I prefer guys over girls.

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Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

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And you didn't film it!?

lol YouTube(:

hahah good one

Definitely would have gone viral.

tosh.0 web redemption?

lasttoknow 4

shit who won

I agree with 5. you could make some monies if you filmed that.

lol monies

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lmao HOT! ;)

Takador 3

What a lovely sight

Think of every unfortunate situation as an opportunity. You could get a reality show out of this!

none_for_me 5

Or at least an appearance on Jerry Springer

disfunctional family

soon there will be a tv show about them

not gonna lie , I would so watch the show haha