By whatashame - / Wednesday 1 April 2009 05:15 / United States
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  iEnvade  |  2

162 - It does not make you forth by commenting on the first comment simply to get your comment to the top.. you're still one hundred sixty second. Nice try.

By  Billy_J  |  0

Well i guess i will be the first one to say it. Everyone knows that wasn't the first time you "accidentally" touched your dad's man hood. I know this because what child pats there dad's stomach? I am quite sure that behind your locked room there has been more then just patting going on with you and dad. God help you if you are a male because that makes it a million times worse, because not only are you gay but you are an Incestual gay which is the worst kind. If it is a girl, which i assume, then you were just signaling daddy that you wanted to play doctor again. So if my assumption is correct then i i hope your flipper babies burn in hell and you die a slow and excruciatingly painful death. Just trying to help. :)

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