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Today, the grades for one of my courses were released. The class average was higher than that which the department allowed, so the professor had to scale everyone's marks down to meet the policy. I ended up failing because my class was too smart. FML
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BeautyMonster 17

Are they even allowed to do that?

Ninjafriends 1

"My class was too smart" is a fancy way of saying "I was too stupid"


Reyo 2

Pretty sure that's illegal...and I only say that because it makes no ******* sense that any department would have a "maximum average standard".

ceinaworus 0

89 is right. the universities can only allow so many people to pass (or fail) lest they will look bad. so they either let failing people pass if the class avg is low... or fail the barely passers if avg is high....

BeautyMonster 17

Are they even allowed to do that?

No but I bet OP's parents will believe it since the OP thinks people here will If my kid tried that excuse on me, I would immediately call the school and find out if true. Then if it is, sue the living crap out of the school for ripping me off on my kids education, but if not(which is the case here), then I beat the hell out of my kid for lying to me and making me look like a jackass to his teacher

im with you, why would a school have a maximum class average policy? what is this, no chld left behind to the extreme?

one reason they might have a "maximum class average would be to prevent those super soft teachers who are too nice to fail anyone from just giving everyone good marks.

I have the same policy at my university (though it's not really dicussed much, it *was* mentioned a few times), which is why all our profs mark us mercilessly just so they won't have high-average-associated problems later on with the department head. OP, while I can understand your situation, you should still work harder. They couldn't have lowered everyone's grades THAT much... unless you were barely passing and that couple of % pushed you under 50%.

tommy1387 4

that's not legal.. this is a bs post

Where the hell do you go to school where a 50% is a passing grade? Do you get an A+ for spelling your name right? Sorry to sound condescending, I know it isn't your fault, but being able to pass on that low a percentage is absurd and the lowest I have ever heard of. Around where I am 60% is the average lowest passing grade you can get, and at my school 70% is the lowest.

I don't know if school allowed to do that. but this happened to me once. and I ended up dropping by one grade.

Actually the school that I attend allow you to pass the course with a 50% average. Most of the if you originally had a 48 or 49% they bump it up to a 50% to allow you to obtain the credit.

50% is passing? My degree, anything below a 75% was failing for certain classes I had a professor who took 1% off for every homework assignment not turned in as well. If you didn't do any homework and got all A's on the tests, the highest your grade could be was a C+

PuppiesFTW 5

My school is the opposite..... We have sooo many kids failing in the school so the principal or whoever, are helping kid's grades by raising them :/... :)

WallyTheWombat 0

I get kicked out of my program for anything less than 85% :(

I think in most high schools, a pass is 50% but in university or college a 70-75 is minimum.

over here, students are not forced to turn in any homework, because we're organized enough to have all the solutions from previous years and TAs are too lazy to write new homework. they realize it's pointless.

assurance123 0

that's exactly what I was going to say. in a world full of idiots there is no way an entire class should get 100%

soldierinarms 0

#20 calm down man!! beating your child won't do anything!!!!!!

50%? sheesh, at my school it's 70%, 75% for any advanced placement classes.

my schools got 50% passing grade, but we also have duct tape on the floors and roof...

...prolly gonna be creepy... but... belmont?

iChel413 6

it really could happen in college. some professors have so many with each letter grade. no, it isn't fair.

@Ran3 in my course (advanced programming) anything below 80% at any exam during the course and you fail and can't follow the rest of the session...

Ninjafriends 1

"My class was too smart" is a fancy way of saying "I was too stupid"

janise 2

Not really...based on the FML the prof scaled back everyone's grade not just the OP's. Basically everyone's grade was lowered to lower the class average.

Ninjafriends 1

Yes really. Had the OP been smarter and studied harder the chances are he/she might have scored higher and avoided failing, rather than scoring at the bottom of the class.

Well someone has has got to finish at the bottom of the class.

Yeah, but if everyone learns just a little bit, even the lowest mark won't be insufficient. It happens, you know?

i never studdy and i usualy get 70's or higher

that's because you don't study anything important.

prontopup20 0

no the guy should have studied

Raokun 2

I agree with #2 there, I don't think that's legal. It's a dumb policy at that...

Rocketgirl89 17

That's really weird. I never heard of such a policy. Maybe your professor just didn't like your class.

TheDrifter 23

It's the bell curve. The average is set above passing and scoring is adjusted by what percentile of the class you finished in. It stops exceptionally easy or hard tests from messing with the school's overall gpa.

Are you saying that wherever you live there's a limit of how good people can be at cerain things? Get the **** out of there, right this instant!

miss_sunshine716 0

I hate when they scale downwards! it's so ******* annoying!