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  Fahad_fml  |  0

hahahahah 83 that was hilarious.

but to the OP, that fuckin sucks youre doing a nice thing for her and shes out bangin another guy. oh well at least now you can play a mean prank on her since its her birthday. when i say mean i mean mean ha.


And hopefully you beat that guy's ass I would of pulled him out the car and whooped him right there in front of her and probably even gave a cheap shot below the belt so he'd think about it everytime he went to screw your ex after that

  CalmBlue  |  0

I've always found it retarded when people go attacking the people that their partner's are cheating on them with. Most of the time they are the one's who have done nothing wrong.

  Jaywin  |  3

17 is right. You've never seen people right on their cars for graduation and homecoming? It's a window marker that comes off as easily as sidewalk chalk.

  Mo_mo  |  0

well I hope he came back and wrote "something" in spray paint.

You should have shook the dude's hand and said "congrats dude, I just found out i caught herpes from her, and now you do too. Now everyone has a gift"

  newbieattech  |  0

no he wrote on her car with white paint like people do for their birthdays or graduations it was a cute gesture and a mini-advertisement of her birthday..... unfortunately she didn't deserve it. He should've written "i'm a cheating whore" instead.