By SadisticSatire - United States
Today, I went to work to find two new beautiful trainees. I thought maybe I might be able to hook up with one of them, so I walk up and flash my blue eyes and begin to act like a gentleman. Not five minutes into our conversation the girls ask me if there are any cute guys working here. FML
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  brkn_hearted  |  0

aww :D thank you! i try to flash em but most of the time the people i'm fluttering my eyes for ask if i'm okay and if i need to go to the bathroom to wash whatever it is that's in my eye... i always end up going just for the sake of not having to explain what i was doing :P but i know... fail :(

By  moonlight_daze  |  8

This is quite the burn. It seems to me like those girls were being cruel for the sake of being cruel. Although it is possible you were being creepy in some way. Speaking of which, Plethora raised a good question, how exactly does one flash their eyes?

  redbluegreen  |  40

I'm thinking flashing eyes is where you, uhm, give someone a stunning/piercing glare and blink in a flirtatious manor. Make eye contact, etc. Guys with blue eyes are good with those sort of... looks.

By  Geist_fml  |  0

You should have reported this to the boss. The boss does not like ineffective and inefficient trainees to start thinking about hitting on coworkers already. With this you will build your trust with the boss and you might get a juicy raise soon.

  brkn_hearted  |  0

but then he would also probably have to explain how the whole thing got started to begin with.. which was him going up to them first which is worse for a non-trainee since they should know better...