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Today, my dad had something to tell me. He'd cleaned out my bank account to pay off 38,000 dollars worth of gambling debt. My wedding is in 5 months. FML
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I second what #1 said - how come your dad has access to your account? If you're an adult, I thought you automatically became the main person in charge of the account and no one else could access it. Unless he stole your credit card or something? Either way, FYL for sure


Dude that totally ******* sucks, but how did he have access to your account? _____________________________

What #1 said. YDI if you gave a deadbeat access to your bank account.

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You know what Starchuld, I could give a **** about your myspace link. I could also give a flying **** about what a nice "respectful" guy (ie: fake ass DOUCHE-BAG) you are. Yeah, I could.. but I goddamn won't.

Hey show me the part where I care about what you think, plus it's StarCHILD, not Starchuld. ____________________________

I first though "Oh, that must suck..." but then realized that he must have had access to your bank account... So FYL but also YDI. This kind of stuff is exactly the reason why others shouldn't have access to your account.

A lot of banks won't allow minors to open accounts on there own, in fact in many jurisdictions they don't even have an option and a parent has to open the account and the account technically belongs to the adult who is responsible for it. When people reach the age of majority, the bank can't just remove one of the "owners" of the account without their permission. A lot of people don't even realize that there parents still have access to their account, or never get around to opening a new account (they trust their parents etc). Another possibility is that his father stole his identity. Considering your father typically knows or has access to all the personal information a bank would likely use to identify you (date of birth, social security number, mother's maiden name, name of first pet etc)

If he's a minor, why is he getting married in five months? That's kinda unlikely It's also unlikely that a minor would have that much money

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Okay cause I was dorking like two seconds ago I totally clicked Starchild's link to his myspace and was totally amused. Very stern picture of guy looking into camera he is obviously holding himself. Status is: "after all we shared how could u simply say no after all we shared u turned away to let me go after all we shared I sank so low no good to give no reason to live." Mood: Adonis =) I think you, Op, like StarChild need to think of the image you are projecting with what you say. Starchild used a very suicidal/emo lyric to support his life, you obviously are either a minor Op, or stupid. Did he steal your card? Why would you let your gambling father anywhere near your valubles. Looks like both you and Starchild gambled and failed.

This is simply not true (in the US, I assume most other countries also). I opened my own bank account with I was 8 years old. The only requirement was the minimum $50 balance, my parents had nothing to do with it and probably first found out I had one because I started getting bank statements in the mail. There is no law that says minors can't own property or control their own finances. Minors cannot enter binding contracts that constitute a lien or debt of property or service on their part. A bank account does not put you in debt or require you to perform any services, thus you can have one of your very own. Anyone with a joint account not with their spouse is an idiot. Every other money post on this site is about someone cleaning out a joint account.

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People, he did not necessarily have access to her account. He may very well have stole her atm card, forged her signature, wrote a check to himself, forged one of her checks to pay off his debt, whatever. In any case, YOU NEED TO PRESS CHARGES! Just because he's your father doesn't mean he should get away with being a dick. If he had not been your dad, you would press charges without a second thought. You think that this is the only time he's going to pull this shit? He's not going to learn if he doesn't have to pay for his mistakes. PRESS CHARGES or YDI.

I applaud you, for you seem to be one of the few people here with real answers and explanations. Its true most children trust their parents, or that parents can easily steal their identity, or may even still have access to their bank.

I don't know what bank you went to, but the one I went to required me to have a parent sign to open an account, and I was 17 at the time. That was for a checking account though. Savings might be different.

CapinWinky: That may be true with your bank, but what I said was many jurisdictions and most banks. I have no idea what the US law is, but in many jurisdiction minors cannot open a bank account on their own, so don't assume that everything in the world runs the way it does at your specific bank, or even in the US.

I find it hilarious that people assume she's a minor. Right, she's a minor, WITH $38,000 in her bank account? Are you guys retarded?

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LOL @ 107! So true. And for all the people arguing about needing a parent to open an account... a minor only needs a parent to open a checking account, NOT for a savings account. I opened a savings account when I was 17. MOST LIKELY he did NOT have access to HIS account. Most likely he just broke into it somehow and took the money out. Notice the OP is signed "MadSon." This means that the dad could've gone to the bank, pretended to be his son, and forged his signature to take out all that money. I know when you withdraw large amounts of money, they check the signature with what's on file, so if the dad had taken the time to practice, he could've very easily passed himself off as his son. I bet he knows his son's SS# too. PRESS CHARGES! You have a deadbeat dad, and pretty soon you'll be married and have a father-in-law who will hopefully be a better dad to you than your own!

You read my mind. You then harvested it and sold it.

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phase 1: threaten him to pay you back immediately phase 2: when he refuses and pulls the "your paying me back for all the money I have spent on you since you were born card give him 1 week phase 3: SUE HIS ASS

YDI for not sueing your dad and once he pays you back you kill him. Please sue your dad. If you dont take this to court im going to go ballistic.

I want to know what the hell he had access to said bank account . . . I feel sorry for OP and their life sucks but also YDI for giving him access.

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I second what #1 said - how come your dad has access to your account? If you're an adult, I thought you automatically became the main person in charge of the account and no one else could access it. Unless he stole your credit card or something? Either way, FYL for sure

He probably still uses the same account he had as a child, one which his dad probably opened for him and had his name as a part owner. Still, it's totally the OP's fault, he shouldn't have not changed the owners when he became an adult, or at least changed bank accounts once you had the money to look around for interest prices and that. Also: big deal, it's the girls dad who's supposed to pay for the wedding anyway.

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Comment spaz, sorry :) ignore me

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Actually it's usually the couple who pays for everything or both families pitch in for wedding and reception. The tradition of the bride's family paying for the wedding is no longer prevalent.

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I'm assuming the OP didn't think for a second that their dad would betray them like this though. Changing the ownership of my bank account probably wont be my top priority when I turn 18, why should it be? I trust my mother.

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At least at chase when you turn 18 you are the primary on the account; and even now my parents can't take out my money unless they have my pin number

For me my mother works at a bank. So I'll have it under her as long as possible to avoid all the pesky fee's.

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Well, I guess your dear ol' dad REALLY didn't want his legs broken.

I would break them if my dad took my money like that

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If this was on a logic test and it asked what can you derive from this, I believe the answer would be "not enough information to conclude anything." You're pretty much assuming he had access to the OP's account. Did it ever occur to any of you that the OP's father has his SSN, birthday, etc. With that much info you can impersonate anyone and withdraw money from their account. Doesn't necessarily mean the OP had a joint account with his father. However, let's say he did. In what way is this the OP's fault? No one expects their parents to go off gambling and getting themselves into so much debt that they resort to stealing from their own offspring. Even if you CAN still say it was a YDI after that, have you ever thought that he had a joint account for safety reasons? For precaution, having a joint account is logical if anything should happen where you are unable to access your bank account.

Let's see here. OP's father is deep in gambling debt, and had to take his son's money to pay for it, meaning he probably doesn't have any money of his own to give to the son. OP, on the other hand, has $38,000 dollars in his banks account that either came from his gambling father, or was earned by OP. You think he hasn't "cut the financial umbilicus"? I'm fairly sure OP's father depends more financially on OP than vice-versa.