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  BeefyQueef  |  5

The situation has passed days probably days before this fml was even published. It doesn't seem anyone realizes that, and all the suggestions they're giving out are irrelevant.

  sammyf89  |  13

49, I highly doubt that anyone genuinely believes that these fml are happening live. The advice is basically a "what you should have done" sort of advice or even helping people who find themself in a similar situation in the future.

At least there are some people on the Internet who are still willing to help and give advice instead of just trolling and abusing.

  JurassicHole  |  5

21- she'd*

We don't know where she works, it's quite possible she works in a dodgy part of town and to walk home could potentially put her in danger of many horrible things. She's from DC and that's a big city for anyone to be walking a fair distance by themselves at night. Better safe than dead in a ditch or worse...

Anyways, hope you've worked things out now OP.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

21- There's a huge difference between walking and driving time. She could live 10-15 minutes away by car, which could potentially equal 2-3 hours of walking, or more. Obviously in that case you'd rather pay for a ten minute cab ride than walk for two hours in the middle of the night.

  thesiwel  |  0

last bus might cost $10 and if forced a taxi $60, a taxi might cost half your earnings but at least you get home. The company might also subsidies taxis in that situation

  rokmonkey18  |  0

The only reason she's taking a cab in the first place is because she missed the last bus and her father forgot to pick her up. So it would make sense to ride in a cab even if it is expensive.

  sietseld  |  13

I work an hour away from where I live...when I take the bus, if I missed it I would have to take a cab. Yes, it would be expensive, but what other choice do I have? I'm certainly not going to walk 50+ miles on the highway carrying all my things.

  tygerarmy  |  35

If I could do it in 3 or less hours I'd walk home. I'd be calling friends, loved ones and cab companies the whole time, but I'd do anything to get away from work.

By  saIty  |  17

Chance of being mugged while walking home- 62%

Chance of being staying overnight under a desk- 88%

Did you know that 76% of all statistics are made up on the spot?