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Today, a co-worker passed me a note with information about one of our cute, new co-workers I was interested in. Her report? Simple: "Lesbian. Try again. They're EVERYWHERE!" FML
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missL1z 5

There's nothing wrong being just friends. Not everything have to lead up to a relationship with every cute person you meet. There's more than meets the eye.

LaColombianita 26

I told one of my co-workers I was lesbian and he finally stopped asking me out.


GreenAppleDP 0

You're cool.

You are a failure of a person 3...

Talk to your coworker and may be you guys can setup a Win to Win situtation

4- your picture creeps me out.

xSonic 9

Well it makes me horny

How can the first post be number 4??

4- What in your mind is a win-win situation? Care to elaborate.

4-What do you mean by win-win situation? Care to elaborate.

Maybe she just wanted her so badly. Or wants you? Threesome.

HairyPunisher 27

She's gay. OP's a man. I fail to see how a "win win situation" is possible.

#4 looks like that kid from Zoey 101.

This isn't really a FML situation, if I'm honest. She's not interested in you because of her sexual orientation, and it's not like you were hopelessly in love with her. Be thankful this wasn't a case where a straight woman turned you down. Wouldn't that have been worse?

1, 2, and 3 must have said "FIRST!" or some bullshit like that and got moderated. Or perhaps there is something more sinister at work.

Oh my god I was just thinking that 70! I think his name was Mark.

koolkat27 13

win to win? do you mean win win?

xbrit551 13

Three some

TorturedXeno 27

I don't know if OP is gonna get much action from a lesbian.

MyLoveDrunk 11

34- you, my friend, do not understand. ;)

You see, OP is going to be converting the new coworker, and I'm not talking about religion here

39 - You know OP is a man right?

maybe OP and co-worker turned her lesbian. or it was her way of saying **** off politely. just a thought..

NOT POSSIBLE...just sayin. I suppose he could try...but why put oneself through that kind of rejection?

TheBeastiest 6

Second. Lol. That sucks. Keep on looking.

Talk to the co worker?

more like talk to the hand" amirite?

Your 'amirites' suck.

markrs 0

Op: "Gosh, Shea gorgeous! Mmmm, now she's making out with that girl from the fifth floor! Look Bob, she's trying to turn me on!" "She's lesbian" Les-be honest, you weren't her type even if she was straight :p

missL1z 5

There's nothing wrong being just friends. Not everything have to lead up to a relationship with every cute person you meet. There's more than meets the eye.

This. Everyone always assumes that relationship is your top priority when in reality you're just trying to make some friends to talk to in class. It ******* makes an akward moment and makes you feel stupid. I know I went off on a tangent, but it just struck a nerve lol

missL1z 5

I can't agree more. With what OP posted it apparently showed he is affected by the fact she is/might be lesbian. This to say he might have other intention than just being friends. Why can't we all be friends?!

TorturedXeno 27

I agree. I find myself surrounding by beautiful women quite often, and they're all just my friends. Why must a relationship be the objective of people's pursuits?

35-One reason: to get laid... then go brag about it.

Transformers: Lesbians in Disguise

wickedgames 5

30- OP is a guy.

@60: And men can't be friends with women?

60 - If OP was a woman, there wouldn't be a problem because both of them would be lesbian.

The pursue of a relationship does usually lead to getting laid, but what about those few times when you actually love the person more than just for sex?

wickedgames 5

67 and 69, I tried to to change my comment before the time ran out. I felt like a dumb ass when I realized they said "he" in their comment rather than "she" in regards to the OP. I'm sorry, that's my fault. The way I read the comment was, summarily: "I'm sorry your coworker thinks your a lesbian." So, please forgive me.


TheBeastiest 6

She used to be straight but then she took an arrow to the knee

This probably won't end well for you.

Are you in elementary school or are you new to the Internet? Get ready for a steady stream of downward thumbs.

Anyone who hates the 'arrow in the knee' joke has no sense of humor. Like how Rick Roll is annoying. I have actually downloaded the song and like it because I have been Rick Roll'd so many times. But I have to agree with 15. You have just signed your own death warrant.

I use to use those skyrim jokes, then I took a ****** to the penis

How about '"she used to be straight, but then she took a ****** to the mouth." ?

i'm a clairvoyant. i predict -500 rating

I'm going to... punch you in the face.

never. again...EVER.

Hey I used to be an adventurer like you, until I was offered this job as city guard. It's a much more stable wage and less dangerous plus I get to spend more time with my family and play more WOW. Ha ha ha

Congratulations #11! You are now the 28th millionth person to use this joke on the interenet! You win: A swift kick to the nuts!

Epictacos18 0

Wow Haters Gonna Hate a lot....

pm_sky 0

Your comment :are you in jr. high?

Please stop.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

For the love of god, make him stop!

Isn't it an app / mobile glitch of some kind?


LaColombianita 26

I told one of my co-workers I was lesbian and he finally stopped asking me out.

Was that today by any chance?

I would still be asking you out untill you did Go and see what a great time I would give ya

koolkat27 13

Unless you actually are a lesbian, i wouldve told him the truth.