By stupid - 21/12/2010 15:21 - Ireland

Today, I walked to school in -5 degree weather, snow up to ankles, for an exam. The school had closed and warned all the parents, but mine didn't tell me, because it was "funnier". FML
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Hahaha -5? wow you would not survive in Canada. It was -40°C a couple weeks ago

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All the way up to your ankles? GASP! Maybe if you walked to school on your hands that would be impressive, but otherwise, you should omit that detail.


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I personally thought that his parents are ******* funny as ****. I don't think that sucks at all.

thats nothing! i walk to shcool every day in -10 degrees..

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Suuuucks. I'm relaxing in 70 degree weather. Always count on having a warm Christmas in Texas.

^ haha we got a foot of snow last Christmas in Texas... and it's anywhere from 74-82 right now (weather app sucks)

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when they're asleep put ice in his underwear. then run out and in the morning say "i forgive you for making me walk in that weather, it takes a man to take the cold."

agreed, when it gets to below -20, THEN you can complain

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Saturday morning I got up at 6:30 to dig my two wheel drive car out of a foot and a half of snow, proceeded to drive said two wheel drive car to work and STILL made it on time. Max speed I could go without careening out of control into a ditch was 156-20 mph. No, it's not the same as your story, but god do I hate snow now... I think this is what manhood is like.

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25, I walked to school in -15 degree weather and a foot of snow and all the way back home. then fumbled with my keys for 10 mins; you're fine.

LOLOMG. try living in Canada. -5?! I walk to school at -25 everyday.

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Wow, it's -40 in Fairbanks Alaska. God, I would love -5 degree weather.

Would everyone stop saying how miserable there life's are cuz there not. Remember there are kids that don't have food In africa and in Russia when it is winter it gets to -45 degrees. So would everyone cut the crap.

I can't believe this FML. Honestly, I live in Canada, and I'm in seventh grade. My school still runs when the temperature is -40C, and when there is waist deep snow. I don't complain. Man up.

That is ******* sad. I give you major kudos. I am a complete pussy and I would probably die in -40 weather.

I must say I do like the Texas winter heat :) Though nothing beats a white Christmas!

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Well u should have seen how funny they would have thought it was when u threw snow in their faces. u had 2 walk through it so y not?!? :)

Hahaha -5? wow you would not survive in Canada. It was -40°C a couple weeks ago

WTF, where do you live? O.O In Vancouver, the lowest it like ever ever gets is -10, so glad I live here.

Lol Chippa, you're on the coast - that's why its so warm there.

Edmonton gets that cold once in awhile. But it's usually like -20 to -35, around there.

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what's the windchill in chippa just wondering

Tack 13 inches of snow on to that -40 degrees. Even though it doesnt often get THAT cold

Manitoba is the same. we've already seen -35C and it's not even christmas. gotta love these Prairie winters.

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-40 is WAY TO COLD!!! I would die!!! I live in maryland :P I love warmth!!!:)

-29 Degrees with snow up to my thighs while I was wearing tights.

oooooh poor baby - 5 I hope your little fingers didn't freeze. man up

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Near Montreal we get to -40 but its rare... usually its more like -30 (celcius)

haha! sucks for you *******!! in Calgary we've been getting between 0 and -10 for about a month maybe longer!!! hahaha

I live near Calgary and it's been colder than that... like a lot.

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Grande Prairie is ridiculous for snow, my grandparents used to live there and it would literally get up to my waist. I used to make two-level snow forts with the piles on either side of their driveway.

Yeah, it's not fun walking to school in Winnipeg in -40c weather.

haha yeah the only reason i couldnt go to school was vecause the buses axels froze solid

Yea, this really does suck on your part. You should have pissed on the couch for the lulz and payback.

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All the way up to your ankles? GASP! Maybe if you walked to school on your hands that would be impressive, but otherwise, you should omit that detail.

Thank you for pointing out the "ankles" part. Thats so stupid. This girl wouldn't survive in Michigan at all.

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True, I walked in snow deeper than that.

Well OP's from Ireland, as am I. We're not used to that kind of weather here, we don't get snow very often in Ireland.

-5 Degrees? That's t-shirt weather in the Midwest. Snow up to your ankles happens in October. In December, it's up to your thighs.

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wow, dude, let's exaggerate some more. In October? You're drunk.

Not much of an exaggeration, a couple of years ago we had a 4 inch snowfall the week before Halloween. -5C is +23F, it's NOT that cold. I agree, OP needs to quit whining.

It sucks that your parents didn't tell you, but seriously, try foot deep snow and -10 (worse in other places I'm sure). Suppose it depends how long you had to walk though. But was it not on the radio or internet or something that you could find out as well, rather than having to depend on your parents telling you?

- 30 today in calgary so cinn let's see the troll in you

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lmao. I know right? people, you can't complain unless you've seen winter in Calgary. fun times.

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Lol but it's supposed to be right at freezing by Friday. Love the crazy Calgary weather.

I'm not sure how telling me it's -30^C in Calgary will make me troll... I did say it'll be worse in other places. Seeing as other places have different climates to the UK and therefore expect worse winters than we do. All I can do is say that -15ish in York and that didn't seem to really stop much apart from the plumbing in various buildings.

Winter in Edmonton, more like. They don't have the Chinooks to melt all the snow away! As far as Alberta goes, Calgarians are pretty lucky. In my experience bouncing all over the province, I would say Grande Prairie is the worst.

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ydi for having uncaring parents. ydi for not being prepared. ydi for walking to school. ydi for your parents being cheap

oh no not -5 and snow up to your ankles!!! oh how that sucks to be you! I feel so sorry for you NOT. Stop bitching you pussy!

Was it malone college? Cuz i know they sent texts out to parents whenever the school is closed.