By PunchingKennyLoggins - 15/03/2010 13:33 - United States

Today, the satellite radio at work went on the fritz, playing one song over and over. Management wouldn't turn it off, though, because then customers would miss out on all those upcoming-sale announcements that run intermittently. Meanwhile, I got to listen to "Footloose" for eight hours. FML
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Monikabug 9

At least Footloose is a good tune! :)

Fminetoo 0

Coulda been the Jonas Brothers. : P


Monikabug 9

At least Footloose is a good tune! :)

If you woulda dance it would be foot loser

I know, it could have been HSM or Justin beiber

Monikabug 9

._. Yes, thank God it wasn't Bieber! Plus, you can always just replay Kevin Bacon dancing in your head.

it is a good song! but I could see how even after 2 hours the same song playing on repeat could get ridiculously annoying. BUT, op, I don't believe this is true, if it was satelite radio then every store would get the same braodcast, and I'm sure SOMEONE would have called corporate and told them and they would have changed it after a little while. Plus those are usually looped recordings, there's not really a way that it could get stuck on repeat of one song...

livluvlaff8 0

why didn't any costumers complain?? I would of!!!

Menick47 0

Yeah it could be worse! You could have had to listen to country music... Yuck.

AdoliscA1 0

country is dope.

MetroidSlayer01 8

this is a classic case of "could-of-been-worst". for example, I used to work on a rollercoaster called superman ride of steel. I got to listen to the superman theme all day. lol.

country < any other genre

zzyber 4

country's FOR dopes...

oh I would be dancing all day! ^-^

#34: not true. I once went to a restaurant with jukeboxes, and "Under the Boardwalk" kept replaying. When we made the jukebox play another song, it played it... and went right back to "Under the Boardwalk." The food was good though.

agreed #53

XCaLX_fml 0

change the station

Rap< everything else. I'm a cop. Rap music makes me feel like a drive-by is about to happen. One of my buddies pointed out once that I subconsiously slid my hand onto the handle of my pistol when a car drove by blaring rap at about 120 decibels or something.

M4V3R1CKR13 0

#34 way to be a smart ass 8^U

ravensunnyd 0

don't diss the bacon

michie56 0

ydi for saying 'fritz'

toxic10uhc 0

100 you are a racist cop... well I couldve shortened that sentance... everyone knows all cops are racist... snap.

@100 Not all rap is gangsta rap. Unfortunately, its what sells because that's what the white suburban kids want to listen to.

how is he racist? he was expressing his dislike for rap I hate that shit too

thank his life it wasnt Hannah Montana id have flipped shit! Flip a car or 2!

thank you hsm or jb would hacve been awsomer

I'll I want to know is why is beiber ( or however you spell that fags name) still alive

'Footloose' is my jam! I would have been dancing all day. I wish my work had good music like that!

#109 - did you notice that he did not mention any colors or races in his comment?

Sparkiee93 3


ha indeed

Why can I not agree that OP's life sucks more than once?!

did you dance all day? XD

I know I would have! That's one of my favorite songs to dance to.

scrapytiger3 0

shove it up your arse

whine whine whine.

Fminetoo 0

Coulda been the Jonas Brothers. : P

nomnommonster 0

Or lady gaga *gag* or pretty much any radio talent. blah.

lady gaga is a talentless gimmick

purplemnm 9

lady gaga is talented, she signed to three labels and has 6 number one songs, more than your retarded whiny bitch indie bands. if you look up her live videos her natural voice is full and rich and absolutly beautiful.

purplemnm 9

in America yea but in other countries they reached number one, The Fame went platinum, and The Fame Monster I think is gold. She's won two friggin Grammies, and you can't get those unless you have genuine talent.

#6 i lold at "six number one songs" five of them cant be #1


purplemnm 9

six number ones worldwide, learn to read

I also read that she's one of only a handfull of artists to have more than five number ones, so she didn't pull that out of her ass. Yea, she's a liitle theatrical and tries too hard, but she's genuinely talented. Quite the accomplished pianist as well. Much respect. She's got more money than any of us will ever see, so why the hate? Haha!

xxkiwixx5623_fml 0

#83, you make it sound like only Pop music can be popular and reach Number 1. Metallica's Black Album debuted at Number 1 and -correct me if I'm wrong- so did Death Magnetic.

purplemnm 9

137 I said "she has more number one hits then most of your retarded indie bands" which is true

kick off your Sunday shoes lose footlose everbody get footlose

FYLDeep 25

At least it wasn't rap or pop music.

have you ever heard the song "Footloose"? it is the epitomy of 80's pop. Perhaps you were referring to modern day pop?

FYLDeep 25

Yeah, but modern day pop is even worse. I find it hard to listen to the radio at all. Even the rock stations are pretty boring now.

oh yah, modern day pop is painful, especially when it's rich girls pretending to sing when you know it's a voice over and the only reason they have a record is because their grandfather made millions in the hotel business and now she's frivelously spending his money *COUGHPARISHILTONCOUGH* Ahem, excuse me, I had a tickle in my throat! and then there's the almost as slutty, mini Courtney Love, also known as Kei$ha.

FYLDeep 25

I honestly don't even know who who that is. But I think I'm pretty far distanced from that kind of music now.

AdoliscA1 0

I'm not defending pop artist cuz god knows I don't listen to the stuff, but honestly stop being so damn negative. Big deal they can't sing yet they make millions. Let the 6-16 yr old girls enjoy it. Everyone is so judgemental these days.

RODEOqueen 0

I agree. They're making money, good for them. And Paris Hilton hasn't been on the radio in ages. If you think their lives are carefree and perfect, think again. Money doesn't make happiness and it certainly doesn't solve everything.

FYLDeep 25

I just don't like when I'm forced to hear it.

ravensunnyd 0

#30 are you an old lady cause you look like one in your pic

honestly it would have bothered me too, but it could've been so much worse, ugh.

ya it could've been the barney theme song. "i love you, you love me..."

ya gotta cut loose....Footloose

Kick off your Sunday shoes!

you people are retards if you believe this ever happened.

FYL!!! I hate that song!!!