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this is why you listen in school.


that's so bogus

lmao. haha u desrver it.

why the hell would u do that? I bet it wasn't as funny as u wanted!

oh you attention whore :P (kidding) YDI, though

FYL because you didn't know and it must have been embaressing. YDI for not paying attention and yelling when there was clearly something going on.

*throws dictionary at icute*

this is why you listen in school.

your one of those dumbass kids who can't think for a second about what he is going to do, so they end up doing stupid ass shit like you. you deserved it dicknose.

if you're going to call someone a dumbass, try to at least use the right type of your/you're :)

wait is he insulting the OP or this other guy?

if your going to correct someone, make sure your dumbass has the right punctuation, needle dick!

As long as the message is portrayed there is no reason to correct someone on the Internet ...

hahaha, dicknose.... I like that one xD

Whenever I hear the word dicknose I think of squidward

Agreed. Dicknose was good.

oh god I could see this happening to me!! ah so embrassing :( sorry

Fuck you. OP deserved it

Ow.. Did you get a lot of evil stares throughout the day?

are you 7?? grow the fuck up. YDI

nice going trying to be funny and attracting attention

only in america would a kid think is OMG SUPER AWESOME DUDDE to shout "its too quiet", come on BE CREATIVE

The killer part is that the OP sent this from mobile, so it could have been anywhere. Silly racist.

even in america we dont think thats funny the kids obviously a retard

...Not even going to say it. -___-''

American isn't a race, it's a nationality. I hope you're not an American. You give us a bad name.

Jesus Christ, shut up. I think we're all aware that my intention was that he is being prejudice against another group of people. And if you want to get nitpicky about it, I never said Americans were a race, I just called him a racist. Quit being picky and over-implying your interpretations.

No bitching or whining here.

to #77 only in America do fat dudes take no shirt mirror pictures thinking they're muscular and trendy

natzi thing?? :( if it is I hate it cu I a jew

didn't it happen in France tho?

It was sent from France stupid.

I'm going to use my intense understanding of common sense to predict the future...... this story... will have a lot of YDI votes!

smh you're an idiot