By Sean - 27/10/2010 10:04 - United States

Today, we surprised my grandpa by being at his house when he arrived. We haven't seen him in seven years. He had a small heart attack. It was his birthday. FML
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What lovely grandchildren you are. What are you going to get him for christmas? A brain aneurysm?

So did he die?


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your dumb

it's a gift that keeps on giving! Wait, never mind. He's dead, that was a terrible gift! and who doesn't see their g-pa for 7 years? like what's about the last birthday, and the ones before that?

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when I read grandpa and surprise I knew heart attack was next. F your grandpa's life

dumb people are dumb

No, you're dumb #5.

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21-stop with the hate.

#24 please elaborate on how I'm hating?

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haven't seen u in 7 years grandpa probably didn't kno who the f*ck u wrre

It isn't hate, Currentlyonfire. Nena was simply pointing out how jizzho made a grammatical error while calling someone else dumb. Hypocrites piss me off.

Exactly Doc!

7: Not everyone lives within visiting distance of their extended families. I've gone that long without seeing some grandparents, because I can't afford to visit and they aren't healthy enough to travel that far.

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hi hater, hi hater just felt like putting that

1- Couldn't you have thought of something smarter to say than "Dumb"?

I always wondered why anybody gives old people surprise parties. Just seems like a family tragedy waiting to happen.

At least it was only small. Besides, why would you not visit him more often? I'm thinking you wanted him to have a heart attack, so that he dies. You're only after the inheritance aren't you?

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It says it was a *small* heart attack, not that he died. I've always thought it'd be cool if I were to die on my birthday, however.

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I want a viking funeral when I die...longboat and all....just sayin'. :3

this thread can only lead to one place.

If you say 'blowjob' though, you get moderated. As I was for comment 12.

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how about suckjob?

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I think a gift would have been more appreciated. Giving heart attacks is not a very thoughtful gift.

So did he die?

'tWas a *small* heart attack. no, the chances aren't very likely.

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How exactly is *your* life fucked? He's the one who had the heart attack after his grandchildren failed to visit him for 7 years.


^ What 9 said

exactly what 9 said ^

What lovely grandchildren you are. What are you going to get him for christmas? A brain aneurysm?

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all too probable

Wow. "Surprise!" A surprise indeed. That sucks for him.

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Where are the grammar Nazis?

But I should be capitalized. I always thought Canadian chicks were hot ;) My gf is Australian....damn the accents sexy

your gorgeous. ; )