By Anonymous - 08/07/2011 15:46 - Belgium

Today, I went into hospital for knee surgery. When I awoke, I was surprised to find a bandage wrapped around my throbbing head. The nurse explained that a student observer had fainted in the operating room and his head had smashed against mine on the way down. FML
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cant blame the hospital for the student

he probably fainted becuase of the blood

u had a bandidged raped arount yah throbin hed?? KEKEKEKEKEKE!! das REEL kink-e

Yeah sue the hospital for a students mistake. Why not just sue everybody in the hospital its not like the money op could win would have been put to other medical uses to save peoples' lives...

1 yeah it is the best. I went there to get my tonsils removed and I ended up getting a vasectomy.... and the messed uo on the vasectomy and I ended up getting a heart transplant... and they messed up on that and I got new bone marrow.... '*2 hours later* So they messed up on my prostate exam I got a blood transfusion. They gave me the wrong blood and I exploded.

I hate people who say: Sue the hospital Sue the hospital They do their best and it's not like your paying a fortune for it. At the rate the worlds going relatives will be suing hospitals for not curing their relations cancer. ? (Rant now officially over)

Forget suing... i think the fact that the student has probably spent hours studying, not to mention spending money on his education, just to find that he may not be able to become a doctor because he faints, is punishment enough. FHL too.

exactly what I was thinking. his dreams may have just been ruined! :(

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well at least it wasnt a blow up doll

Why on earth did i write hours? I meant YEARS*

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Look on the bright side least the student didn't hit OP's *other* knee on the way down...

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35: I'm not sure what country you're from, but in the USA is not free. Secondly, any type of surgery costs a LOT, and if you end up getting paralyzed or disabled, it is only fair you get at least some recompense. However, I do believe in this case, unless there is any brain damage that must be treated, you're right, OP shouldn't sue.

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Seriously, those who are saying sue the hospital should think about that a little first. First, neither the hospital nor the student could control what happened, and second, I'm sure the student is suffering more than op. How would you like to pay thousands of dollars and years of studying and unpaid internship to pass out on the surgical floor, realizing that this may not actually be the job for you? Anyone who thinks that sounds good can support suing the hospital, otherwise you're a little out of line.

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56: right... Because THAT'S the part of your comment that made no sense

#83 are you trying to suggest that i was wrong? I think my comment makes perfect sense, and I'm assuming that by the thumbs up I have received, you are the only one who thinks it doesn't.

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why would he be observing then? he wouldn't choose to go into that profession if he was afraid of blood..

73- the op is in Belgium where (if google is right) they have free healthcare as they do in my country (the uk) and if you don't know where I'm from just check my profile it's not difficult

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89: Not that your wrong per se, it's just that if they've gotten this far then they should know if they were cut out for it or not. Basicly I'm saying if this fml was written from the students perspective, it's ydi all the way. Don't F with other peoples lives just because you want to be something your not.

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I wouldn't blame the student surgery isn't appealing.

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Can you believe no one has said BOOM! Headshot!?

u guys shouldn't be heading each other in the hospital


51- someone has... 10 said it

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that might possibly be the worst sugary ever. was the nurse hot?

Ouch ! Knee Surgery And Now A Hurting Head ?

A pretty awesome picture. Naw I'm kidding (not really). Do mods take pictures like that away?

Looks like a woman with a sword+case trapped in between her boobs. Nothing out of the ordinary about that.

its actually saeko from an anime series called highschool of the dead if i am not mistaken

that's terrible and very scary. at least you are fine now and hopefully your knee surgery went well :)

That sucks!:( get well soon!! But FYL:/

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gives a whole new meaning to head banging.

Thats terrible, it must have been the students FIRST observation of a surgery.

-facepalm- You must be the NINTH person who've I've seen done that.

wow you're freaking #9. worst fail at 1st comment

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I thought it was only one headshot?

RoseIsMe 0

Ohh.. Thanks now I'm a lil less stupid

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No, you're still the same amount of stupid because you used the word "lil".