By pzy - 24/10/2016 15:46

Today, I'm in the middle seat on a flight to Dallas. The guy on the aisle is sleeping with his mouth open and I can smell his breath. I feel nauseous. FML
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usnwife 18

Start throwing tic tacs into his mouth!


Throw up in his mouth, then he'll have to brush his teeth.

Been there. Tried that, but lemme tell ya its not really a good idea (wasn't for me atleast) since the guy ended up choking on the tissues and threw up on me afterwords.

You must be sitting next to my dad, he's got such bad breath you can smell it from upstairs.

who says he doesn't feed himself. women aren't the only people who cook

I had to deal with the same shit before for 4 straight hours. It really sucks fyl

You could have just woken him up... smh

usnwife 18

Start throwing tic tacs into his mouth!

You should have woken him up to let you up to use the restroom. Even if you didn't need to lol

No, you don't. "Nauseous" means *causing* the feeling of nausea. *He's* nauseous. *You're* nauseated.

It can also mean 'to be affected with nausea'

Sorry OP. Hope it wasn't a long flight.