By DidntCheckTheCalendar - Kuwait
Today, I hired a professional makeup artist to apply my makeup for a wedding. After paying her $500 for the excellent job she does, and getting dressed, I grabbed the invitation to check out the address, and it said the wedding was on December 2. Today is December 3. FML
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  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Actually, I'm willing to bet it was probably someone she loosely knew, on account of the fact she missed it and nobody called her out on it. Which makes it an extra YDI for getting so spiffed up for such a person's wedding. Hell, why get spiffed up so greatly at all when you're not of any important part of the wedding? Way to be an attention whore.

  indyme  |  0

Hmm, Is Kuwait important enough for Japan and China to make keyboards with the Dinar symbol on the 4 instead of the dollar?

OP is an attention whore!! I didn't spend that much on my makeup for my own wedding!