By DidntCheckTheCalendar - 03/12/2009 22:29 - Kuwait

Today, I hired a professional makeup artist to apply my makeup for a wedding. After paying her $500 for the excellent job she does, and getting dressed, I grabbed the invitation to check out the address, and it said the wedding was on December 2. Today is December 3. FML
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You spend 500 bucks to look good on the wedding of a (I'm assuming) friend? YDI for trying to out-shine the bride.


Yeah that's what I thought at first before I read it more closely. I'm sitting here wondering "How did you not know your wedding was yesterday? WTF is the point to hire sum1 like her for someone ELSES wedding?

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wow op that was a fail of epic proportions.

that was the same thing I thought also, I was like how the hell did you forget your own wedding?? but YDI

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ydi for being stupid. & why hire a makeup artist when its not even your wedding? ydi again for trying to steal the spotlight on another woman's day.

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ya op why on earth would you spend 500dollars on makeup for someone elses wedding??? ydi ......I wonder how much your outfit was

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...well...while you have $500 worth of makeup on your face, maybe you can be a clown or a mime for the rest of the day?

aww, that sucks. 500 dollars and you didn't even get a slice of cake :/

If I had 500$ to blow I sure as hell would not spend it on getting my makeup done. YDI

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Hello, people, this is Kuwait. For all we know, their currency is goats, or something.

I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say maybe it was a typo and she added an extra zero and the make-up was $50? If not she definitely deserved it

Mohomonopoly, you made my day. lol, Thank you for that.

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FYL for getting pissed and defensive because someone made a (funny) comment about Kuwait on FML.

It would cost more than a $1,000 US dollars. This is a lie.

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imma sound like a spoiled brat but I just bought 500 dollar boots today and the day before that 300 dollar jeans.

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maybe you should spend it on makeup- a brand that doesn't make you look all tanorexic

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Way to suck at life. Why the hell would you pay that much for makeup anyways if you can't afford it?? And if you can afford it, then WTF are you complaining about???

She went through a lot of shit and it all went to waste AND she bailed on her friend/sibling/close person's wedding on accident.

Actually, I'm willing to bet it was probably someone she loosely knew, on account of the fact she missed it and nobody called her out on it. Which makes it an extra YDI for getting so spiffed up for such a person's wedding. Hell, why get spiffed up so greatly at all when you're not of any important part of the wedding? Way to be an attention *****.

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Maybe she got her makeup done and spent loads of money on the products? That's what I do..

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The kuwaiti dinar is equal about 3.5 US dollars, so 500 dinar = 1750 US dollar.

Which means OP is probably from an oil family, and in that case she should DIAF.

Really? i thought it would be the other way round.

Yeah, nice try. Only the OP said she paid "$500", as in dollars.

Hmm, Is Kuwait important enough for Japan and China to make keyboards with the Dinar symbol on the 4 instead of the dollar? OP is an attention *****!! I didn't spend that much on my makeup for my own wedding!

Who the **** pays that much to have their makeup done?

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at least ul look good for like the rest of the day

You spend 500 bucks to look good on the wedding of a (I'm assuming) friend? YDI for trying to out-shine the bride.

when would paying 500 dollars for make-up ever sound like a good idea?! really lady? and it's not even for your own wedding...

The OP claims they're from Kuwait - perhaps what is $500 to her is only $40 or so for us?

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But she used a dollar sign, so it's supposed to be dollars.

Wow, $500 you must have a lot of money to waste...and have you heard of a calendar or an agenda?