By Tp - 30/06/2010 00:39 - United States

Today, I walked four blocks with toilet paper hanging out of my pants. FML
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I put squirrel aids in the pancake mix, just sayin


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At least you wipe :P

Yea, what he said. 



lmfao. raywilliamjohnson/=3 FTW!!!

ahahaha good one, motherfucker!

ahaha guess that's how they do er in Texas?oh my bad... it's just u that does that... haha OP YDI

lol good one;)

lol should of kept goin. make it seem like a joke. you know to play it off...

bet you don't leave the bathroom without checking yourself for a long time..

Great first comment, cow! Now, do you got my pancake mix?

Easily avoided. YDI.

YDI for wearing pants

I put squirrel aids in the pancake mix, just sayin

Hey Im from Texas and everyone ia doing it!!! Its called the tail  lol... =3 FTW!!!

Raywilliamjohnson is funny #20 that's one of my favorite quotes from the videos along with rays quotes Fake and gay 2 camels 1 car and he got aids in his mouth

yes, i'm glad to see all you fellow =3 lovers out there... now who wants to eat da poo poo with me? XD

lol 69 do you like vagina

70- i fuckin love vagina. why else would i choose to be #69?

lol I just noticed that

Eric do you also like suprise buttsexs fafp

sanchez, only when i see a sexy lady and i decide to jump out and yell SUPRIZE BUTT SECKS!!

Eric becareful not to get aids in your mouth when your doing stuff like eating da poo poo

nigga got aids in his mouth! i know man ima be careful..

^^ That was weird lol.

alright Eric you always got to be protected this world is dangerous I almost got squriel aids 

ahaha my bad sam those arrows werent to you XD and wait, u like giving suprize butt secks or receiving? lol

#83 who doesn't 

No I do what I want PRICK!

was the toilet paper dirty??

86- giving. DUH. 87- very true.

ok I'm going to go to sleep because I need the energy tomorrow to stalk your mom then I will do your mom

lmao night bro... sammy, duuude ima watch out for you then O_O

Well that pretty much sucks ass. I would love to know how you found out, hah. Did someone come up and say "Dude, you got toilet paper in your pants." I personally think that would be hilarious.

93- lol wtf was that directed to me? thankyou eric. I HATE CHIMOS.

98- i'm pretty sure that was to me. wtf is chimos?

@1. haha yeah thats true. But does the Op wash their hands?hmm..

child molesters.

wow thats a rather witty yet fucked up word for child molester :O

Ericownz, although I can't see the comment, I was informed of it lol. Thanks, I think. /:

you're a rather witty but fucked up word for child molester!

103- glad to know u still got it. and you're welcome... i think? :P

Lol, you are a blunt one aint ya?

i is not a word i is a human bean D:

i guess i am huh? idk haha i'm just me.. and me wants to know you!

i just dont see how that could happen... ive never gotten toilet paper stuck in my pants.....

Haha really? CHIMOS? Geez I guess there's an abbreviation for everything now, SLOLBINRBIJTDLTDSATM! (Supposedly Laughing Out Loud But I'm Not Really Because I'm Just Too Damn Lazy To Do So At The Moment) See, I can do it too :)

Hey hey OP, did the toilet paper die?

what's the pancake mix crap?? I'm wayyyy behind. :(

how the hell does that even happen?

YDI for having to use the bathroom

so what? I walk four blocks with my dick hangin out of my pants.

29, I love the way you assume she does that just because she's from Texas , sterotype much?

YDI for using toilet paper.

20 wins the year!!!!

now that's a good fml

DARWIN AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I would just play it off.

I modded this in 

keep up the good work *high five*

I'd soooooo give you a cookie. But the cookies are only for winners.

can sammy have a cookie?


I was on the planet where this got modded in.

Nope, nope. Sammy gets the cookie.

Glad I've never had that problem

oogyboogy 6

hey number 5... you missed you face...

Yea, Im sorry, I kinda hit her shirt instead =[ ill aim better next time! then its going straight on

well 31 I'll get my whole face next time lol

hahaha u dumass

hahahaha YDI for not checking yourself before u left the bathrom!

um... and your point is...?? I don't see the FML here just cuz you got toilet paper stuck to your shoe does not mean your life is absolutely amd completely F***ed

Now you know that next time you should double check yourself before heading out lmao

thats so awful i feel so bad