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Today, I walked four blocks with toilet paper hanging out of my pants. FML
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I put squirrel aids in the pancake mix, just sayin


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Yea, what he said. 

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ahahaha good one, ************!

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ahaha guess that's how they do er in Texas?oh my bad... it's just u that does that... haha OP YDI

lol should of kept goin. make it seem like a joke. you know to play it off...

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bet you don't leave the bathroom without checking yourself for a long time..

Great first comment, cow! Now, do you got my pancake mix?

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I put squirrel aids in the pancake mix, just sayin

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Hey Im from Texas and everyone ia doing it!!! Its called the tail  lol... =3 FTW!!!

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Raywilliamjohnson is funny #20 that's one of my favorite quotes from the videos along with rays quotes Fake and gay 2 camels 1 car and he got aids in his mouth

yes, i'm glad to see all you fellow =3 lovers out there... now who wants to eat da poo poo with me? XD

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70- i ****** love ******. why else would i choose to be #69?

kidsanchez1 4
kidsanchez1 4

Eric do you also like suprise buttsexs fafp

sanchez, only when i see a sexy lady and i decide to jump out and yell SUPRIZE BUTT SECKS!!

kidsanchez1 4

Eric becareful not to get aids in your mouth when your doing stuff like eating da poo poo

nigga got aids in his mouth! i know man ima be careful..

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alright Eric you always got to be protected this world is dangerous I almost got squriel aids 

ahaha my bad sam those arrows werent to you XD and wait, u like giving suprize butt secks or receiving? lol

kidsanchez1 4
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No I do what I want PRICK!

kidsanchez1 4

ok I'm going to go to sleep because I need the energy tomorrow to stalk your mom then I will do your mom

lmao night bro... sammy, duuude ima watch out for you then O_O

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Well that pretty much sucks ass. I would love to know how you found out, hah. Did someone come up and say "Dude, you got toilet paper in your pants." I personally think that would be hilarious.

93- lol wtf was that directed to me? thankyou eric. I HATE CHIMOS.

98- i'm pretty sure that was to me. wtf is chimos?

iR0ckSkinnys 3

@1. haha yeah thats true. But does the Op wash their hands?hmm..

wow thats a rather witty yet ****** up word for child molester :O

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Ericownz, although I can't see the comment, I was informed of it lol. Thanks, I think. /:

you're a rather witty but ****** up word for child molester!

103- glad to know u still got it. and you're welcome... i think? :P

FFML_314 11

Lol, you are a blunt one aint ya?

i guess i am huh? idk haha i'm just me.. and me wants to know you!

i just dont see how that could happen... ive never gotten toilet paper stuck in my pants.....


Haha really? CHIMOS? Geez I guess there's an abbreviation for everything now, SLOLBINRBIJTDLTDSATM! (Supposedly Laughing Out Loud But I'm Not Really Because I'm Just Too Damn Lazy To Do So At The Moment) See, I can do it too :)

Hey hey OP, did the toilet paper die?

what's the pancake mix crap?? I'm wayyyy behind. :(

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how the hell does that even happen?

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YDI for having to use the bathroom

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so what? I walk four blocks with my dick hangin out of my pants.

29, I love the way you assume she does that just because she's from Texas , sterotype much?

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DARWIN AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'd soooooo give you a cookie. But the cookies are only for winners.

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I was on the planet where this got modded in.

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Nope, nope. Sammy gets the cookie.

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hey number 5... you missed you face...

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Yea, Im sorry, I kinda hit her shirt instead =[ ill aim better next time! then its going straight on

well 31 I'll get my whole face next time lol

hahahaha YDI for not checking yourself before u left the bathrom!

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um... and your point is...?? I don't see the FML here just cuz you got toilet paper stuck to your shoe does not mean your life is absolutely amd completely F***ed

Now you know that next time you should double check yourself before heading out lmao

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thats so awful i feel so bad