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Well that pretty much sucks ass. I would love to know how you found out, hah. Did someone come up and say "Dude, you got toilet paper in your pants." I personally think that would be hilarious.


Haha really? CHIMOS? Geez I guess there's an abbreviation for everything now, SLOLBINRBIJTDLTDSATM! (Supposedly Laughing Out Loud But I'm Not Really Because I'm Just Too Damn Lazy To Do So At The Moment) See, I can do it too :)

um... and your point is...?? I don't see the FML here just cuz you got toilet paper stuck to your shoe does not mean your life is absolutely amd completely F***ed


Today, my two moms were telling some fairly obscene jokes about their sex life. When I told them to stop making such vulgar jokes, they turned to me and said, "What makes you think we were joking?" They then clarified that they were in fact being completely serious. FML

By erase_my_ears / Tuesday 27 October 2015 02:41 / United States
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