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  kidsanchez1  |  4

Raywilliamjohnson is funny

#20 that's one of my favorite quotes from the videos along with rays quotes
Fake and gay
2 camels 1 car
and he got aids in his mouth

  BillyTrott36  |  5

Well that pretty much sucks ass. I would love to know how you found out, hah. Did someone come up and say "Dude, you got toilet paper in your pants." I personally think that would be hilarious.

  xACIDDx  |  0

Haha really? CHIMOS? Geez I guess there's an abbreviation for everything now,

(Supposedly Laughing Out Loud But I'm Not Really Because I'm Just Too Damn Lazy To Do So At The Moment)

See, I can do it too :)

  oogyboogy  |  6

hey number 5... you missed you face...

By  JasonJ  |  5

um... and your point is...?? I don't see the FML here just cuz you got toilet paper stuck to your shoe does not mean your life is absolutely amd completely F***ed