By Anonymous - 06/08/2011 01:47 - United States

Today, I was getting intimate with my boyfriend for the first time. He was so nervous, he broke down in tears after failing to unclasp my bra after multiple fumbling attempts. Mood? Ruined. FML
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Take it off for him! Guys LOVE strip teases before the sex. ;)

missyj0 12

I gotta say, that's pretty freakin' cute. Give the guy a break ; I think this is more of a FHL.


iloveeyouuxD 9

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That really sucks.

2ndSucks 15

I feel bad for him, poor guy. You could've just taken it off for him..

Idonebeenhad 17

Umm. The fuck?

Sooo you hooked up with a gay dude trying to fit in. :D

iluvboobies 9

OP, I can give your BF a master class. I'll need a cute volunteer.

What? The tears didn't turn you on?

I swear on my life I just confirmed this like 3 minutes ago :D

YourEvilHero 12

20 yrs in the future at the dinner table: so tell the kids about our first time getting intimate

sexylegs17 5

You should have reassured him and took the bra off by yourself , it's normal for him to be nervous (:

Ikr?? I mean if he can't even un hook a bra imagine what else he couldn't do...

73- Why would you tell your kids about your first time being intimate? the fuck.

Jvr91 8


hell everybody is nervous their first time, just let him bounce back and try again

kylebeast11 0

Hey :)

SirObvious 1

Your fault for it being the first time...

a_nutritionist 10

@34 maybe so, but most people dont break down and cry when they dont get it either. frustration and embarrassment maybe, crying like a baby...not so much. the guys a tool.

Mood ruined? That man broke down to tears!

KingOfOreos 0

how you gonna git rid of the first time without having a first. they're is always gonna be a first time

icefshng8 9

Owned :)

73, I wouldn't want my parents to tell me about the first time they got intimate...

wow poor guy you couldve helped him ydi for being ungrateful for having a sensitive boyfriend i bet a lot of girls would want a guy like him

YourEvilHero 12

I was joking, you guys take things too seriously.

Take it off for him! Guys LOVE strip teases before the sex. ;)

Guys also love girls who are patient and don't get disappointed easily.

Well, I wasn't telling her to be disappointed. Simply help him out and make it fun for both of them.

I was simply adding onto your statement not trying to bash it in any way.

Why can't every girl be like you.

40, I'm a guy...

mgsoloist 14

Seriously. First time, give him a show :) makes him less nervous and me less anxious for sure. Better for both parties ;)

u should give me 1;)

yea but first time means he won't last long at all and giving him a show just makes that time even shorter

newnew8 0

he's a keeper... not. awkz

a_nutritionist 10

being disappointed when someone cries during intimacy is hardly "easily disappointed" and more "understandably disappointed".

Strip teases = best thing ever. Of all time. Ever.

well...that's just....ummm yaa....cute virgin

badmamajama123 0

132 your cuteee

lol not necessarily true

kleider1 9

We also like it when girls don't even wear a bra ;)

If the girl can't help to make the foreplay fun, the sex will disappoint her too. It's not all about the guy doing all of the work, it should be a thrilling experience for both parties.

There needs to be more girls like you

a_nutritionist 10

i dont really consider removing a bra too be too taxing, and where does it say he "did all the work"? your point is valid, but quite irrelevant. besides, it may be his first time, but it may be hers too. the difference is she didnt start crying just because something was a little difficult.

Number 2. Why can't all women think like you?

132- Uh, but you're 15?

If more girls were like me, guys would be having a lot more sex. Lmao. Or at least those girls and their significant others.

66-he said GIRL...

yuuh like when they sag??? lol.

gulumph 0

I agree^^

acellis2012 0

i agree with number 184

Lol first time my gf had a bra with the hooks on the front it took me about 30 seconds to figure that out before she just took it off for me :)

#66: I thought you were a shovel?

missyj0 12

I gotta say, that's pretty freakin' cute. Give the guy a break ; I think this is more of a FHL.

Agreed! It's cute he was so nervous. I can see getting embarrassed and blushing, though, but crying...? A little over the top.

Or it's people who recognize that humans, regardless of gender, have tear ducts, emotions, and are capable of being embarrassed to the point of tears?

Hey let's be friends?

a_nutritionist 10

@107 most of us assume they also have fully functioning brains too, which as they mature, prevent them from crying over stupid little things like being unable to undo a bra clasp.

His FML just hasn't got through the morderation process yet.

3- agreed OP- LIFE ISNT ALL ABOUT SEX YOU DIRTY SKANK. So he's nervous and messed up, get over it.

bobbymullet 11

true that.!:3

a_nutritionist 10

@166 that doesnt apply at all when youre talking about attempting to have sex. life isnt all about eating ice cream either, but id be pretty annoyed if i had ice cream and dropped it. the sad part is that YOU are insulting HER...with intelligence like yours, you shouldnt be insulting anyone, let alone someone whos actually capable of finding a mate.

I find it hard to believe she doesn't at least find it funny, or at least laughable. You would think she'd give him a break, being his FIRST time (:

You had to say mate? Alright, we're gettin' PRIMAL up in this bitch! -walrus roar/moan/thing-

otb113 7

yeah, stick a carrot in his ass!

ReynshineCutting 10

It's not immature to cry over little things. Things like depression can make you cry at the drop of a hat and it has nothing to do with maturity.

reallytho3 11

I know his pride was killed after tht happened. Give him a strip tease

a_nutritionist 10

@234 yeah why dont we just assume hes an able bodied healthy individual with no illnesses and not just make up phantom problems that are not indicated here. if you have any undisclosed information about the guy by all means share it, otherwise im afraid in a fully functional individual crying over minor problems like not undoing a bra IS considered immature.

181- come at me bro.

a_nutritionist 10

...i dont really care what bukkake obsession youve got, im not coming anywhere near you.

SlyFly 4

Gosh your an idiot. Maybe they should make making an account slightly more difficult so people like you can't figure it out.

a_nutritionist 10

@280 might wanna mention who youre directing comments to as currently youre just talking to yourself.

nilin95 1

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madskittlesftw 5

... Wut?

missyj0 12

I had to read this like 4 times before I understood what you were saying.

Learn 2 English please.

In spite of the broken english, this message was conveyed perfectly. I 100% concur.

HondaKidd 5

She no speekeh de engrish to goo

bobbymullet 11

why couldn't you spell 'what' the right way.? but I agree. I don't understand. hah.

26, I Am so happy to be your very first personal stalker. Congratulations on your first comment. Welcome to FML. Tip: Don't argue with KaySL.

42, I've read this like 4 times, and I STILL don't get it..

Shadow_Phantom 26

Here, I'll try to translate; "Smack him, and tell him to be like a man; especially the next time he does it. I mean, COME ON! I would try, and try again until I got that bra off."

lopez1222 3



StopDropNRoll 11

Don't call him a champ come on. 1 word. NOOB.

eminemchick 19

.boon a ru -912

That was 9 words and a number. Learn to count, "noob".

lmao , yeeees. btw ; nice gauge in your pictuuuuure

that's how first times are.. it took me many times to do it while looking and months to do it without. but now I can without her even noticing.

Yeah i imagine that the excitement of being his first time, and being nervous got to him. You should teach him OP. I learned to do it by asking a friend to let me unhook her bra. Now i can do it without a problem. Don't be so harsh on him.

prince122 0

I learned how to do it because my mom was over weight and couldn't get it her self.

I learned because my mom is disabled.

You mean handicap-able?

Shadow_Phantom 26

Why couldn't he have just slid the bra off...? I do it all the time.

Shadow_Phantom 26

Either you're implying the obvious "guys don't wear bras," to which it's not that hard to just slide it off... my BF ended up doing it his first time because he too became frustrated with the clasps. Either that or, you're implying "SP don't have tits thats why its easy!!11" I think my 44" inch bust would beg to differ. ;D

Shadow phantom you frighten me greatly

kitkatt978 5

More like 4.4...

Shadow_Phantom 26

Circumference people, circumference. XD I wouldn't be 44" sticking out. Oh dear sweet Elune that would be a nightmare. >_o

JacksonCampbell 9

205 - Prove the validity of your statement.

SageAnonymous 6

Pull an American Pie and teach him a trick or two lol. Next time it shouldn't be a problem.

chocomilk82 0

that's why you don't wear a bra... duh!

lolololer 8

but then theres no strip-teasing fun ;)

SageAnonymous 6

Guessing you like saggy tits??

Madiluvsyuh98 2

Aww :( poor booboo