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Today, when I tried to break up with my girlfriend of 2 years, she had no idea we were even dating. She thought of all the movies, dinners, and "sleepovers" I had with her was because we were such great friends. FML
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Seems like you dodged a major bullet. I wonder if you would have proposed to her, she would suggest to be married as friends.


Seems like you dodged a major bullet. I wonder if you would have proposed to her, she would suggest to be married as friends.

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Will you be my... "YOUR SUPER BEST FRIEND! Of course!!"

This needs a definite follow up. How does that even happen? Did you ask her out? Maybe she assumed it was just a casual thing ?

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Your comment is the saddest FML this week.

Which has amazingly been outdone by you 22.

Not as, "amazingly terrible" as that adjective use, or that comment.

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I mean they started "dating" 2 years ago, so it's not really a 2016 thing, more 2014.

Don't know the circumstances...but did you not have sex or show physical affection to her in two years you thought you were together?

I think they did. The O.P. references "sleep overs"...

Particularly if they're younger teens they could have simply been sleeping in the same room/bed

Even if they were just teenagers, two years is a long time without any kissing or other "definitely-not-just-friends" stuff

I was with this older guy for a few months in during my senior year, I thought we were dating. We had sec and genuinely acted like a couple except we didn't go out in public. Long story short: found out the hard way that we weren't dating, just fwb (friends with benefits)

"Friends" with benefits, apparently. At least the breakup part should have been easier!

At least it made it a bit easier I guess?...somehow... That's all I can come up with as my mind still boggles as to how this happened in the first place.

I feel as if she was trying to save face while being broken up with. Especially if you were physically affectionate and she never talked to her "great friend" about other men.

I wish i could up vote this a million times. This sounds more plausible than her really not realizing you two were dating.

I agree, it's most likely a coping strategy (denial) in order to preserve her self-image.

Face-saving is my first guess as well, but my second is that she saw him as friends with benefits (especially if they never introduced each other as bf/gf).

Did you kiss her cause if you didn't kiss at least once in that entire time then I can see where she can be coming from, if you did than she is not a very smart girl

Obviously if OP thought they were in a relationship, it was sexual to some level. Cuddling or kissing at minimum (obviously more though). Like do you just lay next to your girlfriend and not touch her for 2 years? Didn't think so.

Sorry I don't think I explained my thoughts well enough before to get what I was thinking completely across, my bad

Just be glad you found out about it when trying to break up and not to propose.