By Sad Sally - 24/04/2012 11:22 - United States

Today, a therapist told me that I was too depressed to attend his depression group meetings. FML
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Then what's the point of his meetings if people who need the most help can't get it?!

OP if I had a depression group I would let you join.

Therapist, break it into two and you get "the rapist" Now you cant unseen

well **** therajerk! they are all holier then thou preachers and very often make things worse.

MUDKIP!! How depressed are you OP? No one can be too depressed to join a group, that's ridiculous!

(ಥ_ಥ) - It's a cold world out there.

Mudkip is hands down the best starter Pokemon out of all the others out there.

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58 - Double bullshit! SQUITLE is the smartest, and evolves to have ******* hydrocannons!

#64, I must disagree. There is no greater fire pokemon than Charizard and no greater grass pokemon than Venasaur (at least in my day when there were only 150 pokemon), but Garydos is a far superior water pokemon to Blastoise.

66 - Squirtle is a little boss, I'm sorry I think he's the best.

71 - Son? I ain't your son! Charmander looks like a ***** on fire!

Don't argue with me, son. I'm a pokemon OG. :P

Let's agree that the 1st Generation starters are the best of the series. Oh, and squirtle would be more of a boss if he had those shades from the original Pokémon Anime.

How is it that #70 was made in reply to #71 o.O

A Magnet-Mite be the best starter, all though attraction isn't always the best (it only works on women). Pokemon always makes me so damn Drowzee. MY starter pokemon is my girlfriend. She never wears Abra. And, she likes it in the Meowth. What else could you want? Charmander? Squirtle? This shit is Onix-ceptable.

^The amount of win in your comment blows my mind..

I totally forgot what this post was about because I had a better time readying the Pokemon comments

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66 - you are just a big douche bag.

That's right OP, don't waste your life on depression because YOLO!

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Depression is a serious medical condition which, when goes untreated, can cause people to become even worse. I have depression and take medication for it.

47- It's cool, bro. I got your past FML reference. :)

Me too 125, wish I could thumb it up twice!

Your picture is bad and you should feel bad.

Worst profile pic here I've seen yet, lol. Spongebob and Pikachu? C'mon now...

Exactly. They have defiled a classic with a stupid obnoxious cartoon that has changed the sanctity of cartoons. You should be ashamed.

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^ I personally love the picture.

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Love the picture and wtf is wrong with the person that said you can't be in the group?!?!?!?!?

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I'd be depressed and hopeless too, if I was paying someone $100+ an hour. Op, how about taking that money and use it for things that make you happy.

Because buying stuff really helps to get happy.

^ Well, it'll take your mind off things for awhile that's for sure.

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67- Yes, buying stuff can make you happy. Having a nice car, clothes you like, eating at nice restaurants with your favorite foods, getting yourself any extras can bring you some measure of happiness. I don't think you can find happiness by paying someone to hear your problems or wanting to sit in a room full of other depressed people, getting more depressed by listening to their problems, or a way to get out of a depression, but if Op has chemical imbalance or such, or needs grief counseling then I can understand the need to talk to a professional, but other than that I don't see it as a justifiable expense, but that's just my opinion.

Ywah, I think that money can buy happiness. If I didn't have money, I couldn't buy any materials to art with. Art-ing makes me extremely happy.

Sorry, just had to get in here. Depression is a medical condition, one with a lot of stigma, mockery and dismissal, but medical nonetheless. I have it, and no amount of shopping or thinking positively or anything stupid like that will help. You actually need serious professional help. Look it up, it's a good thing to be aware of. Sorry for the rant, couldn't help it. Apologies for wasting your time :/

FYL, maybe you'd benefit more from one on one sessions than group therapy where a lot of people tend to be shy and not share their problems! Not to sound mean but you could also bring down other recovering members of the group. I hope you solve your problems soon OP :)

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That sounds smart, of your depressed maybe people in that class could help you outside of class :) just so you can be happy again :) keep your head up:)

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Tell the rapist he has failed you yet again. Have you thought about exercising? That's an all natural way to beat depression.

Just because exercising releases endorphins, does not mean that it will correct the serotonin/dopamine imbalance in your brain. Sport stars can suffer from depression as well!

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Actually, exercise releases dopamine. Thats the rush you get following the gym. Gotta love the reward center.

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I hate my reward center. It makes me crave carbs; and chocolate; and red meat, cooked medium-rare, smothered in cheese, with steamed broccoli on the side soaking up all the left-over juices; and anything involving chili & cheese. Damn, stupid diet. Stupid pleasure center of my brain. Stupid chocolate.

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75 you made me hungry!!! and depressed because I have none of that to eat :(

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I'm sorry. They have goodies at the plant I pick up at every night and I'm not allowed to have any. It sucks so bad. I have to walk straight to the sign in/out office and straight out, watching my feet the entire way, to not give in to temptation.

Exercise in itself does not actually release dopamine. As you said, it's related to the reward centre, which means your brain produces/releases when you do something that your brain feels deserves a reward. So while it correlates to exercise, it is not necessarily causal.

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What an arse! Hes supposed to be helping you!

I think he is. Different kinds of depression must be treated differently. Ultimately it's the psychologist who knows what's best for OP.

Makes pefect sense......seriously what a dick

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I thought therapists were supposed to help you... ( ._.)