By HelloItsMee123 - 24/12/2016 05:59 - United Kingdom

Today, I had routine surgery and should have been discharged on the same day. Now due to an avoidable mistake the surgeon made I'll be staying in hospital over Christmas. FML
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get well soon OP.

I hope it was just an error with paperwork and the surgeon didn't mess up the actual surgery or cause you any unnecessary pain. Sorry OP! Try to have a Merry Christmas.


I hope it was just an error with paperwork and the surgeon didn't mess up the actual surgery or cause you any unnecessary pain. Sorry OP! Try to have a Merry Christmas.

Since it was a mistake the surgeon made, it likely was a mistake made during the surgery. Which probably put OP in danger or they at least had to fix it due to it eventually causing issue. Depending on how severe it was, I'd sue. Doctors double down on insurance for a reason. They are sued a lot. And if they fuck up enough, no lawyer can save them. You can throw yourself a 'Yay I survived a incompetence' party with any money you may get ( though note half of it will go to your lawyer. it's worth it though medical mistakes are serious business and if people didn't sue because 'everyone makes mistakes' then in essence that's saying it's okay for surgeons to make mistakes. It's not okay. Yeah, it's inevitable, but that still doesn't it make it okay. the surgeon probably won't even lose their job of sued. reputation takes a hit, but yeah like a said doctors tend to have a heavy duty insurance so it would cost the hospital/doctor an thing barring insurance rates may go up. idk how that insurance works)

get well soon OP.

You should just have everyone come to the hospital and bring the tree to your room. Then loudly sing carols with the door open.

Sorry that your surgery did not go as planned. Spending Christmas in the hospital is not fun either. At least you made it through the surgery some don't. this supposed to make OP feel better?

probably not, but it's a legit statement.

I hope Santa gives you the name of a lawyer who has never made the Nice list.

found the American

dude. if a surgeon fucks up your surgery, you sue. this isn't being petty. This could have been a isse teetering between life and death. being sued when you botch up a surgery is a caveat of being a surgeon. yes, nobody is perfect. but a surgeon should try their darndest to be perfect and know there will be consequences if they mess up. the more consequences the better because the last thing competent surgeons need is more people scared out of their wits I'm regards to having surgery to the point of maybe even opting out despite that perhaps being a bad decision health-wise.

just making note (because I forgot to) that my comment was towards #7.

I was admitted to the hospital earlier this week and thankfully discharged yesterday. So I am fortunate enough to be spending Christmas at home, though it was a close one. We'd planned my mum to bring in turkey sandwiches / pigs in blankets for me. They were going to bring in my presents too and do crackers etc… I'm lucky to be home but maybe you can have something similar with your family so you aren't missing out! Merry Christmas OP… I hope things better asap and you can enjoy being home for new year!

I'd be more worried about the "unavoidable mistake". Are you okay, OP?

it said "avoidable mistake". which is even worse than an unavoidable one!

My bad. I read it wrong. But you're right. That's even worse.

Could be worse, due to an avoidable mistake made by a surgeon my grandma is spending Christmas in the cemetery.

Sounds like a law suit waiting to happen