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Today, I went to see a movie. After getting my seat, I went out to get food. Coming back, I saw the security guard. Thinking he would ask me for my ticket, I moved all the food to one hand to get the ticket in my pocket. I spilled it all. He didn't ask to see it. FML
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you couldn't wait until he asked like a normal person? and im surprised noone claimed first on these last ones that were posted... there is hope for fml


Aww. that happened to me once, a while ago.

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Yeah, me too! Just yesterday, actually, at the Harry Potter premiere. My sister sent me out to get a large popcorn and a large drink. The line was ten minutes long! I had to fumble around with all the food and the change for my ticket and I spilled half of my popcorn on the ground and the guys didn't even check it. I looked like an idiot AND THEN, the movie started and this guy was coming back to his seat, he knocked down the popcorn that was on the ground so we lost even more. :[ He didn't even apologize. He probably thought I was stupid for not moving it. FML

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this is why you do NOT pat for your ticket, just walk in. popcorn and munchies cost enough as it is.

if i was the guard and saw that you paid for the overpriced snacks at the movies Id assume you didnt sneak in

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you couldn't wait until he asked like a normal person? and im surprised noone claimed first on these last ones that were posted... there is hope for fml

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I'm agreeing with number 2. You could've just waited until the guy asked... or didn't. As someone who works at a theater, we don't ask if you've already come in and then gone out again. We saw you enter, and more importantly, we saw you leave.

YDI on two counts: a) buy your food on the way in like a normal person. b) clearly you were pigging out if you had that much food.

Not necessarily. Most theaters don't let you bring in food from outside. And you don't need that much food to do that. I've done that with a kiddy popcorn tray before.

maybe she was carrying other food for the people she was with...It saves time for only one person to get up

As an employee of a movie theatre, I disagree. Everyone at my theatre does their best to accomodate.

I thought you were gonna say someone jacked your seat...and it was a great seat now THAT would be an FML

That wouldn't matter at all. For me, anyway, having a bad seat doesn't reduce my enjoyment of a film, unless some tall and/or really fat guy is in the seat directly in front of me. Having no popcorn to much on, does bother me. Plus, he spilled his cinema food which is BLOODY EXPENSIVE And most people go to the cinema with other people, so in most cases that scenario wouldn't happen as the other people you're with would hopefully save your seat

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dude I was expecting that too!

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i dont think its that bad cuz the food there is only about like maybe a dollar for a soda or like 3 dollars for a large popcorn so you wouldnt have to pay much or you could go back to the counter and say "my food fell" and then when you show them they will just make new food for you so you dont have to pay money lol :)

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i dont know what kind of blackmarket cheap ass movie theater you go to but drinks are about 5 dollars at mine for a small and about the same for popcorn and usually a long line, so the op probably didn't have alot of extra time and money

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lol my theater aint cheap and for a small its only like 1.50$ and i think its 5.00$ only for a tub of popcorn (not a real tub just what they call it lol) and like i said he could go to the people that sold him the food and demand his food get replaced cuz he spent money on it and didnt even get to eat it lol

Damn, you have a cheap theater. Mine charges $3.50 for a drink. It's worse than a damn theme park. Of course, that's why you just bring a can of coke and some candy/chips in your pocket (hint: cargo pants).

yea lol $3 for a bottle of water, about 4.17 for my favorite soft pretzel snack, an extra 3 bucks for cheese, 5 or 8 bucks for the ticket, and screw me if someone wants candy (2-4 bucks a box)

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that is cheap. thats what we're telling you lol a small drink at the theatre closest to me is 4.25 going up .25 every size. tickets are $11...for a matinee

The theatre where I live has got pretty good prices. $6.50 for a 'Value Pack', which has a med. popcorn, med. pop, and a candy. To get in, for kids under 13 it's $4.50, students are $5.50, adults are $6.50-$7.00. But it's a small family owned theatre with only one screen, so yeah. One of the perks of living in a small town, though! :D

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I was a summer employee at a local movie theater last year and honestly, the only good things were 1) the free popcorn - which I got sick of by the time I stopped working there anyway, 2) the free slushies, and 3) two free movie tickets a week. Even the employees never paid the outrageous prices there...when we watched movies, we'd go to Wawa or another gas station and buy candy first (drinks and popcorn weren't so bad because we had employee discounts). Sorry for the length of this. Just wanted to share my story. :P

This sounds like something that would happen to me. FYL. :-(

Dude that really sucks dude. You shoulda made him go buy you more

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but the guard wasnt the one who made his food fall so he shouldnt cuz that would be stupid lol