By dangit - United States
Today, I went to interview with potential new roommates at a cooperative living house. I decided to bake cookies for everyone, and while touring the house, I forgot about the cookies and set off a small oven fire. All this after professing how responsible I am. FML
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  FarSide  |  22

Well, if it is not "Dumb ass"... then what is it? An accident? No, a careless, avoidable accident that demonstrates EXACTLY the point that OP was attempting to make about responsibility.

Dumb ass, half ass, brainless, stupid, careless. Call it what you want.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

That was my thought, too. Odd to come into a kitchen that's not yet yours and just start baking. Why not bake them at your current home and just drop them off?

  valalvax  |  13

I think she was accepting new roomies?

Cookies/biscuits cook in 13-15 minutes, a 2-3 bedroom house could take that long to tour especially considering there'd be chatting involved

Though I guess it'd take an extra 5 or so minutes to catch fire