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  InDenial  |  6

YDI because your husband fell for an online scam leaving you 1450.00 in the negative. You get paid tomorrow and most of your money is going to cover that debt. FML

I bet that scam is nice and moist.

  sasonzal  |  4

bitch he's probably responsible for more then half of your money,and the paycheck your talking about is probably from he's job not yours so quit bitching

By  zach55  |  0

...SURPRISE!!! you won two tickets to see Justin bieber concert on Sunday!!! click here to confirm!!! *looks around* ......*click* YOU NOW HAVE TO PAY ME $1450!!! have a good day.

By  mitchie11  |  0

how the eff do you get scammed?? I NEVER have been able to understand how naive and retarded some people have to be to get hacked/phished/scammed. Husband you say? wow you married a REAL winner..