By Relevance - 13/08/2010 04:03 - United States

Today, my husband fell for an online scam leaving us 1450.00 in the negative. We get paid tomorrow and most of our money is going to cover that debt. FML
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I think that you shouldn't let your husband anywhere near a computer anymore.

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You should have married his smarter, better looking brother.


get back in the kitchen and stop trippin!

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In Soviet Russia, online scams fall for you.

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hahaha I love the Soviet Russia jokes :D

no one should fall for online scams. you can tell they are not legit. a simple google search may also shed light on anything suspicious.

8: op didn't get scammed, her hubby did. how does she deserve that? though your husband is incredibly dumb for falling for it, op..

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YDI, it's 2010 and people still fall for online scams?

she deserves it for marrying someone dumb enough to fall for online scams.

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did someone from nigeria contact him?? lol! ydi for being married to an idiot.

YDI because your husband fell for an online scam leaving you 1450.00 in the negative. You get paid tomorrow and most of your money is going to cover that debt. FML I bet that scam is nice and moist.

Proof yet again--Common sense is not so common anymore.

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stop your husband from ever using the computer again or the next thing you know you might have a new Russian bride at your door.

#13 me too but that one was just terrible

13. you're hot just thought you'd like to know

husbands are still little kids in the head. was it dollars4gold?

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nope because cash4gold = real dollars4gold = scam try again next time.

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69 you aren't Kesha so stop taking pics like her

69 (lol) There is two, one is CashForGold the other one is DollarsForGold, with Anthony Sullivan :]

bitch he's probably responsible for more then half of your money,and the paycheck your talking about is probably from he's job not yours so quit bitching

I think that you shouldn't let your husband anywhere near a computer anymore.

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op tell your husband "hey gullible is written on the ceiling" if he falls for it you have a dumb hubbby.

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I thought no one falls for that anymore...

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You look like a strangely developed six year old.

agreed. he can barely see out the window. lol. FHL

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Apparently SmylieVyrus & Roflmaaark

He looks like a miniature version of Randy Orton. Just sayin'.

Hahaha! Omg #43! But yeah. Op's husband must be dumb. :P

that sucks big time.. I know how you feel though

YDI for having interweb access; if you didn't have that, he wouldn't have fallen for the online scam. Duh! YDI for being married to a sucker.

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hmmmm... I wonder what scam it was..

it was prob something like www.justinbeiberconcertIMMASTEALURSHIT/

1 year of "hq" **** for $99 and after you pay you find out it's ********** >:| let's just say it's happened...

and you're complaining because...? just kidding. that's pretty ****** up.

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...SURPRISE!!! you won two tickets to see Justin bieber concert on Sunday!!! click here to confirm!!! *looks around* ......*click* YOU NOW HAVE TO PAY ME $1450!!! have a good day.

Don't let your husband fall for scams then. Monitor him or teach him. Whatever works.

how the eff do you get scammed?? I NEVER have been able to understand how naive and retarded some people have to be to get hacked/phished/scammed. Husband you say? wow you married a REAL winner..