By justgreat - United States
Today, I was picking up my 10 year old step-son from the airport. He began screaming and crying saying that I wasn't his father. I ended up sitting in a holding room because the security guards thought I was kidnapping him. My wife thought it was hilarious. FML
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  lem0n_fml  |  0

Who says the wife laughed in the kid's presence? Perhaps the OP retold her the story, she laughed, then reprimanded the kid. Nothing about this suggests the wife is a bitch. In fact, it just shows that she has a decent sense of humor.

By  Brooklynxman  |  0

How many hours did you spend in the holding cell while they searched for the kids "real dad"?

They kind of have to react like that though, because until you can confirm the person is really the parent, you can't tell either way.

Punish the kid to hell though, he needs to learn IMMEDIATLY that this is NOT cool.

  Lichinamo  |  33

If I ever have a stepkid in the future, and they treat me like a ball of shit(yes, ball of shit...), I would treat them well, but if they ask anything of me, I would merely say, "Ask your father or REAL mother, because apparently I'm not good enough for you."