By Dante - 07/01/2011 00:26

Today, I fell and got a nasty cut above my right eye. The doctor in the ER sealed the wound with surgical glue. He also glued his glove to my eyebrow, and let glue run onto my eyelid. Not only do I have a scar and medical bill, I now have no eyebrow or eyelashes on my right eye. FML
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Basically, you have to pay for a bad and unwanted wax job?

FYLDeep 25

DocBastard must have been in that day.


yes yes it is... so wanna get breakfast sometime

hey guys...GUYS!!!! can I come to?

if you have money

randiZ25 0

that's cool???? no that's epic!!! I wouldn't want that to ever happen to me but one of the better fml's I've heard in a while!

b3lla_fml 0

buy fake eye lashes lol

bamagrl410 31

Wowww... Doctor fail.

that bastard (semi-famous FML person pun)

bamagrl410 31

Hmm now that you mention it, Doc probably did it and the person probably deserved it. oh Doc. Haha

your description assumes that everyone has a good education and come from a good background. Not everyone can afford to go to school and learn proper English. Think twice before you write that in your description, assuming everyone knows how to read and write.

im twlv wat is ths? n wts a skol?

Basically, you have to pay for a bad and unwanted wax job?

no dumb shit, basically the doctor fucked up but the waxing or whatever you claimed was cute

... I think Leebra knew that. they were just stating as an aside that since they were going to pay for the gluing, they weren't planning on having to 'pay' to have their eyebrows and eyelashes removed too.

That is when you ask for the hospital coordinator and tell them they better not charge a dime.

Free eyebrow wax!

C6Racer 0

At least you didn't lose an eye lid.

Me_iz_a_Bboy 0

Or worse....An EYE. o-O

cameron_natasha 0

woww faail -.- id sue them xD

ooh. that's not good.. Ask your money back, he obviously failed

ahaha I lmfao, that's farkin funny

farkin WTF are you 2

Real farking witty aren't you with your age guessin'.

captain farkin obvious aren't we with your witty little farkin reply

I'm Australian, fark is aussi slang ok, I use our slang all the time, so relax guys! we are not ment to be all the same. unless ur Aussie too, but then Aussies ain't what they used to be!!! old school all the way

Farkin' 'ell mate.

ssshhh! you're embarrassing all the rest of us Aussies!

i know the ass thing to do whenever you have a problem with someone is to sue them, in this case, its appropiate. that's his fault

Yeah, malpractice lawsuit.

FYLDeep 25

DocBastard must have been in that day.

that's because u rive in the states bic boii

SomePinkTape 0

rive? bic?? boi??? what kind of language is this.

lilhedz 0

alas, possibly vietnatroll?

should have at least made him do the other side!