By blinkanimgone - 01/09/2010 11:08 - Australia

Today, I went to the blood bank to donate plasma. All went well until the machine went to return my red blood cells. It turns out the nurse sliced my vein and the blood built up in my tissues. I now have a massive swollen arm and bruising, and look like a junkie. FML
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Don't ever mess with the nurse. They do that on purpose... >.>

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Whats a 'ure' ? Seriously, is it the beginning of the urethra?


ArtIsResistance7 1

Don't ever mess with the nurse. They do that on purpose... >.>

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there are a lot of fmls about donating blood...

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#6 - What's the moral of the story then? Blood banks are really vampire hideouts....I think. *shifty eyes*

i modded this oneeee... op are you sure youre arent an actual junkie?

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ouchh dont worry the bruises will be gone before u kno it!:)

jeez, its just a hematoma. stop being so dramatic OP.

hopefully your arm isn't so big that you have to pay for two seats on an airplane. THAT would be an fyl

Put a heating pad on it for 15 min intervals and then do deep massage on it with vitamin e lotion. this helps break up the blood clots and allow them to absorb back into the skin. I had that happen to me and I had the bruising almost completely gone in about a week. The more you massage it the better.

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it's actually pretty easy to bust veins, it used to happen to me all the time, if they're fragile or mess with them too much they'll bust

same thing happened to me once. it's called a hematoma, if I spelled that correctly. sucks.

it's a hematoma - big bruise. Keep your arm elevated and it won't swell.

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Blood calls for blood. Smack her upside her head

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wow ure dads that desperate to tap ure best friend?

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Whats a 'ure' ? Seriously, is it the beginning of the urethra?

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English ************, do you speak it?

That would be bad especially if your boss is suspicious of you.

Ah, they have done that to me as well. The bruise was about 20 cm long, they went through both sides of my vein though.

So? The bruises will fade. I had big bruises on both my arms after surgery due to all the daily blood tests, it'll fade in a week or two.

I'm sure it could have been worse, bruise isn't that bad.

Except when everyone thinks you're addicted to IV drugs :p

Yeah that sucks, doesn't it? It happened to me like six months ago! The swelling lasts about 3 days. Expect to have that gnarly bruise for at least a month, though. And at least the weather is starting to cool down, so you can wear sleeves to hide it.

He's from Victoria, the weather will be starting to warm up shortly not cool down, winter is just finishing

Yikes. Some nurses are truly better at inserting IVs, etc. than others.

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you have a firm grip on the obvious darling.

#24 Yes, I'm just a regular Captain Obvious. Sorry about that. I was going to post a story about a bad experience a friend had to make it more relevant, but now you've got me all embarrassed.

Aw nerds. :[ Here, I'll go first: Something similar happened to me after surgery, but it was morphine and Benadryl pooling in there instead of blood. That shit stung like mad! OK, now you go. ;)

Aw Jane, that sucks! :( I appreciate the supplemental story, though! Hehe. :P

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It's not an iv when someone donates blood.