By blinkanimgone / Wednesday 1 September 2010 11:08 / Australia
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  skittle68  |  0

Put a heating pad on it for 15 min intervals and then do deep massage on it with vitamin e lotion. this helps break up the blood clots and allow them to absorb back into the skin. I had that happen to me and I had the bruising almost completely gone in about a week. The more you massage it the better.

By  averagepromedio  |  0

Yeah that sucks, doesn't it? It happened to me like six months ago!
The swelling lasts about 3 days. Expect to have that gnarly bruise for at least a month, though.
And at least the weather is starting to cool down, so you can wear sleeves to hide it.

  nerdsgetmehot  |  22

#24 Yes, I'm just a regular Captain Obvious. Sorry about that. I was going to post a story about a bad experience a friend had to make it more relevant, but now you've got me all embarrassed.


Aw nerds. :[ Here, I'll go first:

Something similar happened to me after surgery, but it was morphine and Benadryl pooling in there instead of blood. That shit stung like mad!

OK, now you go. ;)

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