By a faint recollection - 23/05/2016 01:57 - United States - Goshen

Today, while at a trampoline park, my time of the month and my out-of-shape body worked together to make me almost pass out. FML
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Menstrual cycles don't mean females can't do the things they enjoy.

I've been having periods for a few years now, and have never passed out because of it. I think OP should see a doctor.


Sorry about that, op. Hopefully you can go again one day and enjoy it without that time of the month bothering you.

And go more often and your put of shape-ness will change.

Must have been a bloody experience OP.. Try again next time! Trampolines are fun

Im sorry op, but why go to a trampoline park while on your period unless you were there for a family member's bday party or something???

Menstrual cycles don't mean females can't do the things they enjoy.

Im not saying they cant enjoy things while on their period im saying IF they knew it would cause pain to be on a trampoline while on their period why go?

Because women are incredibly strong creatures who can't stop living their daily lives because of the cruelty of biological functions. Somehow they gather up the strength to go have fun and smile despite their pain.

They probably didn't know they would pass out from it, that isn't something that usually happens. Also, the thing with girls' periods is it will often cause pain regardless of what activity they're doing, even just relaxing can be painful, so it would be safe to assume the trampoline probably wouldn't make it any worse or any better. Sometimes you just have to fight through the pain, if girls chose to skip every activity because of period pain, we'd be locked up at home for like a week every month.

#9 Im not trying to argue or anything but why do something you know is going to be physically demanding while on your period especially if you have an option to do it, and I know women are strong, just as strong or even stronger then men, Im just saying there is no reason to go to a ******* trampoline park if you don't have to even if you do want to to why on your period cant it wait till next week? For christ sake..

Maybe being a guy it's a little harder to understand, but I'll try to explain, from my views anyway. Girls lives don't stop when we're on our period, not just because of everyday obligations, but also sometimes cause we just don't want it to. Despite that we're in pain, we still want to have fun and do activities, even if they are an option, so we'll just fight through it. Our periods happen every month, they're a painful inconvenience, but they're a normal thing and we don't like to halt our wants and optional activities just because of it, especially since we'll be dealing with this stuff until we're like 50. If we can't learn to cope and deal, we can miss out on a stuff. Imagine if every month you had to cancel plans and not do fun activities because of an uncontrollable natural bodily function, it would get rather frustrating and eventually you'd probably learn just to fight it. Just throwing this out there too, but sometimes we'll fight through the pain because of pressure from other people too. If you cancel plans because of your period, sometimes you'll get criticized. "It happens every month, aren't you used to it by now?" "It doesn't seem that painful." "Can't you just suck it up?" etc. I've had this happen to me before.

Physical activity can help with period cramps and other symptoms, or it can make them worse. It's a gamble. I had terrible periods for years and many times I felt faint just from walking. Other times running would make me feel better. Sometimes you just don't know how you're going to feel until you try.

It's like some people have never seen those tampon commercials. As beavis once said "I feel like I could ride a horse"

I've been having periods for a few years now, and have never passed out because of it. I think OP should see a doctor.

You should go to the doctor and get this checked out. Especially since you're a girl and this happened on your period, your weight could be a factor, but you could also have anemia. Girls can be more susceptible to it because of the blood loss during the time of the month and it can cause light headiness and fainting.

Um no, no where did I "roast" her about her weight, I would never do that to someone. I just merely mentioned it because she said she was "out of shape." I was more focused on the fact that she should get checked out because light headiness and fainting is never a good sign.

Weight has never been a factor for my periods. I was at an optimal weight when I started getting them and my periods were very heavy, painful, and irregular. When I gained a shit ton of weight, nothing about my period changed at all. Now that I am losing weight and almost back to my ideal weight, my period is still exactly the same. Although, now that I think about it, you did mention hormones. I have been diagnosed with PCOS so that may be a factor in why my period is so hellish.

#27, sorry to hear you have to deal with PCOS, and congrats on getting your weight down regardless! I "only" have endometriosis and, since discovering menstrual cups, even my cramps from that have vanished, so I'm only dealing with very heavy periods, and even that is bad enough. Though I have to say: weight did not alter my periods at all. Even with pregnancies and copper IUD, the period was a bit heavier for a bit over half a year. By the time my kids turned one, everything was back to business as usual.

You're correct. Some people lose an abnormal amount of blood during their monthly cycle, which can cause said person to be anemic, low-energy, light-headed, in constant need of sleep, and pass out. Luckily it's pretty treatable, all OP needs to do is go see a doctor and they could most likely prescribe her with medicine to balance out her time of the month.

Females need more iron than males because they lose so much in periods, so OP may have developed slight anaemia which may have caused her to pass out- I would go get a blood test if i were you OP! But its easily managed with iron supplements :)

What were you doing at a trampoline park on your period?? That sounds hellish.