Overthinking it

By kmang33 - 02/04/2010 11:24 - United States

Today, my girlfriend told me that I think too much during sex. Now the only thing I can think about is how much I'm thinking too much. FML
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I hope you're thinking about ******* the shit out of her and not something stupid like laundry or something.

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it happens to all of us... ...just not during sex.


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he's not gay if he has a girlfriend dumbass no need to misuse the word

give ur gf a pimp slap and get her to make you a sandwhich.

ashlynn610 12

Ugh I'm sick of all of the "sammich" jokes!!! They aren't funny, just saying. (:

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it happens to all of us... ...just not during sex.

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U have a brain too, smart one! Everyone has a freaking brain!

rohosoccer08 1

... but not everyone uses theirs!


he should stop using his top head and use more his bottom head

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ydi for not smoking more pot. that stuff will clear your mind

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slap tht bitch and tell her to go make you a sammich, you shudnt have to succumb to the inferiority of a woman

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It is a scientifically proven fact that, even though the male brain mass is generally larger, on average women are smarter than men. Also, women use a larger percentage of their brain than men do.

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well u must just be really bad in the sack . tell ur girl I could fix tht ;)

@33 Obviously EVERYONE use their brain unless they are dead. While maybe not or complex thought processes, it at least regulates breathing and heart pumping mechanisms.

yeah those have been pissing me off for the amount of disrespect to women it has in it. (the sandwich jokes)

atticuz 2

there's not much to think about when you're ******* #27. dayum.

gaurentee if u had sex with sumone new that u wouldn't be thinking that. you and ur girl have ****** way to much that it's just routine now and btw don think of ur mom next time

seriously? sooo your not getting any are you? sucks to be you, and it's not funny btw

it's impossible to stop thinking cuz then u just think about how to stop

Firstly, if thinking makes him gay then we all r gay.. Well, except you of course. Second, it's "you're" dumbass

what the **** are you thinking about during sex? your mom or something? your girlfriend must be one ugly bitch.

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maybe he was trying to focus on not cumming to early and now she's made the poor guy selfconcious.

woah! see what we did there? team awesome I think so!!

that sucks op, being self aware of the fact you think to much while your in the process of think lol.

lol how can she tell? you thinking about which hole you need to put it in?

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can't let them get in your head like that

I don't see how having a girlfriend makes you not gay maybe he closet **** using the gf as a cover up???