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Today, I went to a theater and saw "Bruno" with my mom. We saw "Borat" together, so I thought, 'Hey, how bad could it be?' I don't know what was more nauseating: Bruno's penis spinning around and talking or the fact that my mom thought it was hilarious and couldn't stop laughing. FML
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yep, I saw that with my friend and his parents. It was... interesting.

I saw Bruno with my mom and we both thought it was funny. I don't see the fyl...


yep, I saw that with my friend and his parents. It was... interesting.


In fairness ydi for seeing a movie like that with your folks.. and this guy saw borat with his mom first? WOULD U NOT LEARN THE FIRST TIME?!

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i saw it with my mom and it was horrible

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dood , i saw that with my mom last week , we looked at each other and started CRACKING UP ! xD

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Bruno was awesome! I literally laughed so hard I spit my coke out on the people in front of me...after that I was so embarrassed I could hardly laugh again. Hmmm, that should be an FML...

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No, it really shouldn't be an FML. Please don't.

I saw that when I was ten... *shudder*

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ha! i'd say both of those things are pretty damn funny! why f your life?

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Yeah really. I happen to think penises are hilarious, especially if they're flapping or spinning around.

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Why can't you understand a joke?? The world may never know!

YDI for seeing Bruno - of all movies - w/ your mom

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Also FYL for having to watch Sacha Bara Cohen's penis talk.

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111 ftw! Rule #1 of the household - All women of legal age are subject to the kitchen where they must be performing the cooking/cleaning duties and making sammiches and such and whatnot for the dominant males of the household.

I saw Bruno with my mom and we both thought it was funny. I don't see the fyl...

Pretty much that. It's not that embarrassing unless you are 14 ...

YDI for not joining in. I thought it was alright. Lacking in story, made up for in shock value. It was meant to put off a more uptight audience. If it were a woman doing half those things, I doubt it would get as much criticism.

You took the words right out of my mouth. I agree fully.

Biiingo. You basically summarized the entire point most likely. It's supposed to shock the anti-gay people (or at least shake up people who are too uncomfortable with that kind of thing). Had it been a woman, just as you said, less people would hate the movie. My friend, her sister, and I were the only ones laughing in the theater. Granted the rest of the people in there were guys. I guess it's just something that you have to be comfortable with to laugh at. xD

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see thats funny because when i went to see it all the guys were laughing so hard that they might as well have peed in their pants and all the women were covering their eyes, blushing, with embarrassed smiles.

same here, all the guys (myself included) were laughing hysterically while the girls were acting all embarrassed.

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How much... How much popcorn was thrown at the OP and his/her mother during that movie?

The same exact thing happened to me, except we hadn't seen borat together. It was worse though when I had to pretend like I didn't get a lot of the sexual jokes and had to keep the laughter in.

Why would you even do that? If your mom thought it was okay for you to see Bruno with her, I'm pretty sure she thinks you're mature enough to handle/understand the content. Way to ruin the movie for yourself.

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It was like that for me when I was a teen. Blech. My parents would be like "what are you laughing at?" if I laughed at something sexual. It was annoying. Being the oldest sucks.

XD I find this funny because my aunt saw it and she told my mom that it was definitely one of those movies you do not want to see with your child.

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YDI for seeing Bruno and not realizing that all of Cohen's movies basically devolve into gay ****.

at least it wasnt gay porno wresling... my friend works for a web sight that does that