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Today, three weeks after my sister took in a wounded porcupine from our backyard and let it roam about the house, I learned that it sheds quills from time to time. How did I learn this? By stepping on three of said quills hidden in the carpet. I still have only managed to pull one out. FML
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dylerbiller tells us more.

Hi everyone. OP here. Hopefully I can clear things up for some people. The reason we didn't take "porky" to the animal shelter right away was because the closest one was a three hour drive away. He is there now safe and sound and I went to the doctors and got the other two quills removed. I actually posted this FML while in the Urgent Care waiting room for those of you who were wondering why I would go on here right after all this happening. Well, that's about it. My foot is a bit sore and I have vacuumed the floor 7 times just to be safe. But I'm alright. Thanks for all the support!

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Their quills are barbed. Be careful pulling them out, you could do some serious dmg to your foot.

Sounds like you're in a bit of a prickle


Their quills are barbed. Be careful pulling them out, you could do some serious dmg to your foot.

what were her parents thinking letting their daughter bring in a wild porcupine in the first place?!

Who said anything about them living with their parents

Porcupines, a dozen Roses and Dating all come with one warning... Watch out for the pricks.

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gotta catch 'em all

Sounds like you're in a bit of a prickle

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I think it sounds lovely.

Awe that's nice of your sister and sorry to hear that make sure to check with the doctor about that. Hope both you and the porcupine recover soon

Guess you learn the lesson the hard way then, huh?

why so mean? it sounds like you're a jackass

Relax, it's just another person trying to get upvotes with a pun

Ouch that is painful, worse when they get you in the muzzle, but still yours is bad to!

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Are you actually pretending you're a dog? *smh*

It was a joke.... It reminded me of the old movie homeward bound, though that movie was sad as hell and not funny in the least.

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I love "Homeward Bound", rock on with your bad self little white dog.

Why would she let it roam around like that? It's nice that she saved it but that's dangerous as you have discovered.

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You should go to a doctor and have them deal with it rather than doing it yourself. Hope all ends up okay. :)

Now, how are you going to get it out of your house?

Time to go to the ER