By rubberduck_of_doom - 09/03/2018 19:00

Today, after months of begging, I finally convinced my friends to go skiing with me. On our first run I suggested a race. Everybody loved the idea. Good news: I came in first. Bad news: I tore a ligament in my knee. It will be operated on tomorrow. FML
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Hope the operation went well & you are feeling much better.

That's one hell of an assumption.


Hope the operation went well & you are feeling much better.

You are that person who tries to turn everything into a competition so you can be an asshole about it if you win aren't you? karma.

That's one hell of an assumption.

Can’t a person just want to do things with their friends?

Sure, going skiing was doing something with his friends. He had to "beg" his friends to go with him. But then he turned it into a competition and a race on their first run? I've had "friends" like that in the past. Everything has to be a competition, if they win, they ruin the rest of the trip/day bragging about how they won. If they lose, then it was just a stupid competition that didn't mean anything. People stopped wanting to hang out with them because of it.

No, a person who tries to turn everything into a competition wouldn't even try to make it a race. They would just ski normally and declare themself the winner once they were at the bottom.

OP here. First things first: as I mentioned in another post this happened to a friend of mine not myself. 2. We went skiing together, we are good friends, we are all very good skiers and we were hyped up on the nice weather and the awesome conditions so she SUGGESTED a race. We were all totally on board with the idea. We are a close group of friends that are naturally competitive and she knows this. (And there is nothing wrong with that.) Anyways we do things like that all the time and in no way shape or form does she make EVERYTHING about winning. It was just a nice idea she had that (unfortunately) backfired a bit.... It's so easy to judge and talk down to people if you don't have all the facts isn't it?? How about not assuming things? And even if she is the competitive type (again there is nothing wrong with that) she doesn't deserve to have her ligament torn!!

Ouch. That's gotta hurt.

I mean... at least you won? ;)

Reminds me of the time I tried to look cool when skiing anf ended up landing face-forward in the snow... Anyways, get well soon!

Your friends must be crap skiers if they can’t beat you with a torn ligament.

Well good luck for tomorrow then!

Here's to a speedy recovery.

I'm the OP! =D ... This actually didn't happen to me but to a friend of mine, but she asked me to post it on here and show her the comments. XD She also asked me to thank all the well wishers! So: Thanks guys. Her operation went well. She has a full leg brace and is not allowed to move for the next 2 weeks or so. But other than that she's doing fine.