By fjsinedniend - United States - Missoula
Today, I was having a conversation with a new friend when she remembered she needed to grab something from her car. I don't know where she parked, but it's been two and a half hours and she's still gone. FML
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By  Le_ponderer  |  14

You have been dumped. She's a rotter for not being straightforward and saying she had to run or that she was leaving. Instead, she made you wait for hours. Let the universe deal with that mess. Move on and keep being yourself; true friends will come your way soon.


I have a few people at work I won't talk to unless I'm already walking away. They take any comment directed at them as an invitation to start talking endlessly and way off topic without ever stopping. I feel this brings about a natural conclusion as a yes or no question, or a very simple comment shouldn't have a 3 hour response.