By Noname - 26/02/2009 01:31 - United States

Today, at work, we finally got a digital projector so our theater can show 3D movies. Our first movie is The Jonas Brothers Concert. FML
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LinkToEverything 0

I don't think Mr. T could pity you enough man thats got to suck

jayhawk63 0

So? Suck it up.


LinkToEverything 0

I don't think Mr. T could pity you enough man thats got to suck

where do u work? i think thats just weird

It obviously states that he works in the theater...

taka3000000o 8

But op is a girl

asiankungfu 0

Heyulll yeeeeeeeeee

@#4 " Like seriously NOT a big deal", poor grammar and the inappropriate use of "like"; well done you are a Jonas Brothers fan. "Cause you literally need to shut the hell up if it was." as opposed to metaphorically shutting the hell up... I give up...

oh my god i feel you. if i was forced to listen to the jonas brothers, i would kill myself. seriously.

jayhawk63 0

So? Suck it up.

itsfuntobesexy 0

How do we know the poster of this FML is a dude? Either way, that sucks. My teenaged sister is obsessed with them so I feel your pain.

blahblahkams 0

Ouch, that's kind of horrible. How can anyone think movies like that (the similar Hannah Montana one comes to mind) qualify as real movies? And how do they end up #1 at the Box Office?

I genuinely feel for you.

holynemesis1208 3

that's when all of the 40 year old perves come out and socialize at work. they are hoping you will bring your kids.

Jason_fml 0

How is this a FML? Oh boo hoo your theatre is showing a movie you don't like. That's not a FML, that's just a stupid thing to be complaining about.