By E.S. - 23/10/2009 05:01 - United States

Today, I had lunch with some important potential clients at a fancy restaurant. I really wanted to make a good impression. When the piano music stopped, I started clapping while looking around for the pianist. Apparently, it was a CD. FML
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sorry OP, youre an idiot. but you made me laugh

perdix 29

You should have gotten up and tipped the boom box.


Just to be a douche.... FIRST!


YDI for being JEWISH!

Reyo 2

That's why I only start clapping when other people start clapping.

I can soo imagine this in my head. And it is golden!

pwnrzero 0

epic failure!

1 you're a fucking goddamn pricky cunt!

littlemsweirdo 12

Oh, mission accomplished . Argh, it's so annoying when people do that..

sorry OP, youre an idiot. but you made me laugh

ahah this fml is hilarious! never clap if no one else is clapping... hopefully your clients just laughed, and they will definitely remember you:)

That's terrible. Good thing I don't care.

Then why the hell are u commenting like what the f? Get your ass out if your gonna be an ass

Then get off FML

sel3578898553255 7

take tour negative dark ass outta here then. its THAT simple. theres no space here for assholes like YOU

You're a loser.

Your the only looser here, Mr. Downvotes!

People who post just to say first just means you have no life and sit around refreshing a page just so you can say "FIRST". *laughs* To the real poster who is first (Because technically without his post there would be no "first") did you even bother looking to see if there was a piano? And in a fancy restaurant who claps? I mean the pianist would be doing their job. Would you clap for a waiter?

Turnip_Girl 0

Next time I'm in a restaurant, I'm applauding the waiter. XD

1. #1 means first. And there's this thing called coincidence, people could open the webpage to find no comments. 2. The OP isn't first, there are many FML posts before his. 3. A fancy restautant doesn't clap.

#1 has happened to me sooo many times, don't be a bitch.

Which culture do you live in? Clapping for a pianist is perfectly acceptable in USA.

Well then I gott say, USA is a weird place, it's his job? I can understand at a performance, but the whole point in a restaurant is that it's background music. The focus isn't on the pianist.

greenltrn2003 0

hey hey your mouth USA rules not weird at all *climbs onto table, cracks a beer, & starts waving American flag around*

TrxBld 0

haha me too

Oh my gosh. He/she did, thinking it was a real piano but it was actually a CD disk playing the piano music? How stupid do you get.. :L

FYL that happened to me once.

vansbabe66 0

I thought this reply shit was to write a comment about the story not who's first to comment? you guys r losers!!!! fuckin infants haha.. anyway! yeah I can imagine how dumb he/she felt clapping haha nice!

I think an infant has a wider vocabulary and a better understanding of grammar than you. Please go back to school.

The irony is that your comment had almost nothing to do with the FML.

sel3578898553255 7

the irony that you actually GAVE a shit to reply

hahahaha. retard.

I always get the urge to clap if there is clapping on TV Not really related to this, but anyone else get this?

That happens to me all the time!.. and if I'm watching like a kids show (lol) i get the urge to say bye to people when they say bye to me .. :/

I do all the time :D