By E.S. - United States
Today, I had lunch with some important potential clients at a fancy restaurant. I really wanted to make a good impression. When the piano music stopped, I started clapping while looking around for the pianist. Apparently, it was a CD. FML
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By  imago_fml  |  0

People who post just to say first just means you have no life and sit around refreshing a page just so you can say "FIRST". *laughs*

To the real poster who is first (Because technically without his post there would be no "first") did you even bother looking to see if there was a piano? And in a fancy restaurant who claps? I mean the pianist would be doing their job. Would you clap for a waiter?

  TheLetterZero  |  7

1. #1 means first. And there's this thing called coincidence, people could open the webpage to find no comments.
2. The OP isn't first, there are many FML posts before his.
3. A fancy restautant doesn't clap.

  White667  |  0

Well then I gott say, USA is a weird place, it's his job? I can understand at a performance, but the whole point in a restaurant is that it's background music. The focus isn't on the pianist.

By  vansbabe66  |  0

I thought this reply shit was to write a comment about the story not who's first to comment? you guys r losers!!!! fuckin infants haha.. anyway! yeah I can imagine how dumb he/she felt clapping haha nice!