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  TrippingOnAcid  |  29

#102 If anything they deserve it for spending a lot of money on conditioner. Conditioner is one of those products which cheap or expensive is still just conditioner. OP you gullible consumer

  fmlforever_2  |  0

#3 im with u my sis got stung in the temples by some bees and now im fucking scared shitless wen i see one lol but that sucks OP wat type of conditioner was it? FYL for sure

By  crazy_cat_lady24  |  0

That happened to me with a very sweet smelling hair spray. Whenever I walked around or rode my bike large amounts of insects would collect in my hair. Once I was riding my bike and when I ran a hand through my hair, a bee that had been hiding there stung my hand.


I agree, i highly doubt it was the conditioner, why did you come to that conclusion anyway? does it SAY that on the bottle? You were probably eating a honey sandwich on honey oat bread and drinking honey flavored pop

By  getgo57  |  0

there is a morning talk show in Detroit called "mojo in the morning" and they do phone scams and one if them was just like that except it had to do with a salon