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  kuffis  |  10

People have different characters, some see nightmares about such events long aterwards, while another might get a rush of adrenaline about such mishap. If you found the experience - despite embarrassment or because of it - to be titillating, consider trying stripping. Take it as a learning experience.

  JimBobJimBob  |  5

Are you really telling her that she shouldn't be embarrassed about what happened? Are you really telling her that she should just be okay with it? Just because you're comfortable with your body doesn't mean you HAVE to be comfortable flashing people in public. Believe it or not, some people like to dress conservatively and hide their bodies from random strangers in a public area. This doesn't mean that you're ashamed of your body: it simply means that you aren't comfortable showing your private areas to people you don't know.

I hate this argument that people use. Wearing shorts that show off the bottom half of your ass to Walmart? "Don't be ashamed, it's just your body!" Wearing a tank top to school whose neckline stops just above your nipples? "Don't be ashamed, it's just your body!"

  nfedrichy  |  20

Calm your nipples 81. #2 was simply trying comfort op. Besodes im sure the people in the lobby will see that her skirt got ripped out and that shes not just going around flashing people for her pleasure. #2 is not saying go show the people of walmart your ass cheeks, hes simply saying to try not to make a big deal out of this situation because it's only her body and it's not going to hurt anyone.

I suggest you stop assuming things on people's comments because you just come off as an ignorant mule and a total nuisance.

A wise man once said : "Don't assume or you'll make an ass out of you and me".

  uncle_ssaamm  |  12

rule number one with skrts is never wear a thong underneath i always wear boyshorts under cuz one time i saw a girl get off the buss and her but was hanging out and she sidnt even know it!