By GymnasticsQueen - United States
Today, I was going out to my car with my sister's birthday present. I slipped on some ice and the present fell to the ground. I spent an hour wrapping it. I could hear the present break. I had gotten her $200 wine glasses. I then had to run to the nearest store and get her a CD instead. FML
GymnasticsQueen tells us more :
Ok, first of all you don't know me so you have no right to criticize me. You don't know how much pain I am in. I twisted my wrist when I fell. I am really good at gymnastics so don't say ANYTHING about that, but now I can't go to practice until my wrist is better. I was putting her present in the passenger seat, I wouldn't get out on the passenger side if I was driving so I had no way to know there was ice there. I'm not rich and neither is the rest of my family. My sister has been wanting these wine glasses since the Christmas of 2008. I couldn't find them anywhere. I have money set aside for gifts and things like that so I don't have to worry about making sure I have enough money; I have been setting money aside like that since I was 16.
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By  wearinsexypants  |  0

Listen up sweetie: By putting yourself up on FML, you are inviting criticism. If you'd spent any time at all on the site before submitting your story, you would know that everything comes up for debate. Of course you deserve to defend yourself, but it does no good to get worked up about it at all.

  Twinklestar  |  0

I can understand taking an hour to wrap. I usually make an excessive bow out of ribbon that is different widths, and sometimes cut out one of the pictures that is on the wrapping paper or a photo of the person, stick it on cardboard, and make a paper spring out of the same wrapping paper and attach that to the middle of the ribbon.

By  wearinsexypants  |  0

SO... It takes like 5 minutes to wrap a present, 10 if you are going crazy or if it a particularly unweildy shape, which I assume, as a box of wine glasses, this present was not... So you failed before you even got outside.
And apparently you value yourself more than $200, since presumably you dropped the gift presumably to break your own fall. You know a lot of people break arms trying to stop themselves from falling. Really, it's not a bad thing to value your life more than an inanimate object, but it seems you have a problem with it. Of course you should have held on to the box while you fell, possible cracking your head and lying in ice for hours until some neighbor happens to spot you... Cuz at least you would still be able to give your sister her present! So why don't you be thankful that you didn't get hurt and give your sister a heartfelt apology, a hug, and an IOU instead of a cheap last minute replacement?