By Anonymous - 05/11/2010 09:19 - Australia

Today, after moving house, changing my number, my email, and beginning legal action to get away from a girl who was stalking me, I decided to go to the movies to relax. As soon as I got in my seat, that same girl walked into the nearly empty theatre. She sat next to me. FML
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Rei_Ayanami 18

Is it a "I love you!" stalk or a "When nobody else is around, you're dead." kind of stalking?


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Just **** the ever living shhot out of her initll she can't walk and then I'd like to see her stalk you.

MaximilianMarche 0

as true as that may be, they do not take break ups well. my ex didn't and one morning I woke up with my nut sack superglued to my thigh and a strange soreness in my butt.

sourgirl101 28

Were you dating Rose from Two and a Half Men?

rallets 22

lmfao #65 but yea, we should lock up our doors and hide our kids, hide our wives, and hide our husbands too cause she rapin' everybody out here

rallets 22
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nice shirt ice rose. good color for you. you are very dashing in it. go eagle! :)

restraining order to protect your penis is my best advice

Xx_jESSii 3

Uh oh she found you Op run! :)

good now that he is close distance taz/pepper spray/punch/kick/stab/

Rei_Ayanami 18

Is it a "I love you!" stalk or a "When nobody else is around, you're dead." kind of stalking?

Doesn't really matter. The "I LOVE YOU" stalkings turn into "IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU, NO-ONE CAN" as soon as the stalker's deranged fantasies tell her that her beloved is "cheating" on her via looking at other women or daring to have a social life. My ex's ex before me was that way. One day it's "I can't live without you," only to be followed by "You won't live without me," as backed up by a carving knife. Good job getting a restraining order, OP.

flighted 1

exactly. I had a stalker for an entire year when I was a senior in hs...and he went to the same school as me. it REALLY sucks, ad is terrifying. he thought we were 'meant to be together' and even attempted suicide after my plenty of attempts to get away from him. in the end I never did get that damn restraining order cause the freaking d.a or whatever they're called was retiring that very year and "didnt see anything wrong with it". apparently following me class to class, sending me txt messages morning-morning nonstop, attempting suicide when rejected thousands of times and harassing me is perfectly normal behavior. people who do these kind of things are freaking insane

stand up and take another seat. if she keeps following you, inform the staff and they'll get rid of her.

flighted 1

it's a little bit more of a problem to just move. if the dude who used to stalked me suddenly appeared next to me in a theatre I would have a heart attack, no lie, and probably wouldn't go back to that theatre for at least a year or more. thank god that hasn't happened

well obviously it's too late to do that.

Some people are just like crazy magnets. The only way to cure this affliction is swallow all the fridge magnets you can get your hands on. ;-)

gusgus36 5

what a crazy stalker! maybe she has a tracking device attached to you lol... what are the chances it was coincidence?

MaximilianMarche 0

you look like a crazy stalker. gps devices? creepy

SecureReflex 0

#37- All the stalkers wear cowboy getup cause they're all from Texas, I would know being my home state.

ceejster 0

if Texas was your home state (as it is mine) you would respect it enough to not say shit like that about her! (Texas, for all ya morons out there)

flighted 1

wow, rude. ceej~ is right. you don't disrespect our great state of Texas! loser. I love Texas. an I wasn't even born here lol

Wait how many shotguns do u have???? Sandy??