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By child abused - 19/10/2017 00:00 - United States - New York

Today, my neighbor's pesky 7-year-old daughter, who is friends with the guy I really like, decided to help me with him. She used her phone to send him a picture of me. I was in the shower, completely naked and surprised. FML
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why is a 7 year old friends with the guy you like?


EmDizzle2007 28

I think it's to be implied that she took the picture but that only raises the question "why. was she able to do that?"... mind you, getting dating help from a 7-year-old should be the real FML.

why is a 7 year old friends with the guy you like?

And why does a seven year old have a her own phone that she uses to (apparently) text and send pictures to older men? I’m kind of hoping it’s a typo and maybe OP meant 17 year old (though “pesky” suggests a young child).

Because there is such a thing as being friends or at least friendly with someone much younger than you, especially if the community is close enough that just being neighbors is enough of a credential for being hired as a baby sitter. As to phones, a lot of parents give their kids phones at a young age nowadays because it makes them feel more secure- hell, my mother got one for me when I was seven because I walked home from school and she was worried about kidnapper's. It's usually less for the actual kid and more for the parent. The REAL concerns are that a seven year old not only knows what nudes are and why people usually send them, but additionally doesn't understand why taking a picture of someone without their consent, while they are naked, and sending it to someone else isn't okay.

Could be a family friend. I would have much younger people I would consider friends because our families are friends. Why the girl was in the bathroom while op was showering is the real problem.

It was an odd choice of Fisher Price to make a toy phone with data capabilities and a camera, but they’re sticking with it.

You’re interested in guys who have 7-year-old girls as “friends?” You may be over the hill for him.

Lobby_Bee 17

Just how did this little girl get into your home? Doesn't sound like you knew someone else was in your home, you showered without locking the bathroom door.

OP was babysitting, which was stated in an earlier version of the FML before the staff edited it. Meaning she left the door unlocked because the little girl needed to have access to her in case something happened. It probably didn't occur to OP that a SEVEN YEAR OLD would know what nudes are, or that sending one could make the guy attracted to OP.

strange situation, but maybe it'll work out for you. Here's hoping

So did your get a date with that guy or do you need to find a new wing man or girl