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By  Fluffgirl  |  0

Eh. I went on a few dates with a guy who kept asking me out for future dates, but not making any moves. I wasn't sure if he was interested, but if not, why keep asking me out? End of the fourth date, I made a (small) move. End of fifth date, I made a bigger move, and then he took over from there. Now we're married, and I still tease him for letting me make the first physical moves, but he says he'd made moves with previous dates who seemed to think it inappropriate, so he decided to just let the woman decide when she's ready.

  Msraina  |  8

Agreed. My husband didn't even try to hold my hand until we had been dating about two weeks. Physical contact isn't everything, and you can't know if you're going to last forever if this is only your third date.

  llScarlFacell  |  0

2, fuckers like you always start this kind of shit over the net cuz you're pussies. Why would you bring any type of religious/racial type of comment into this. Go fuck yourself ho and try not to offend people you pansy.

  NippsSlipps  |  10

Bitch I'm a female Muslim and that wasn't funny. How would you like it if I said something about your culture? I won't because I ain't a fucked up little ass clown.

Have an awesome day :)

  lmathis1199  |  0

 I once went on 3 dates with a guy at theend of the 3rd date he says I gotta tell you something... I was frusterated to say the least and blurted out "don't tell me you're gay" He said "no, I'm not gay but I'm kinda sorta getting married in 3 days... is that a problem for you?"  

  Saccharide  |  0

If sex is /that/ important to you in a relationship (I'm assuming that you don't just want to f*ck this guy) then you should really upfront about it. Some people are strong asexual or deeply religious (or gay and trying to fake heterosexuality) - and you could spend a lot of time tryin' to get some and end up not gettin' any.

  spoo  |  24

nope nope, people do this for real:

sorry to post a link, I just found the connection funny