By PiMan - United States

Thanks, I hate it

Today, after spending four days having my resume, cover letter, and references proofread and perfected by professionals, I finally submitted it all to the summer internship of my dreams. I received a rejection letter ten minutes later. FML
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  TheTruth1428  |  0

Exactly what I thought. YDI OP. Just because it took you 4 days and you for some reason couldn't proofread it yourself, doesn't mean you're going to just up and get a job because you want one.

  Locoluis  |  15

My guess is that, indeed they did give it a quick look, they saw the big words, said " Clearly he didn't write this himself. " and rejected it.

Most resumes are, in fact, rejected within ten minutes. Bosses and HR folk don't waste their time.