By j_babydoll6520 / Friday 26 August 2011 11:09 / Australia
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Haha "you're ugly when you cry?" show me one person that's pretty when they cry, and I'll show you a good plastic surgeon.


Long hair, pixie cut or no hair, we all have something in common.. We'd smash her back doors in. GIVE ME SOME MANLOVE


Don't wanna come of as mean but why is the OP sad the text wasn't meant for her. I'd mess around withthe sender of the text. And what kind of person breaks up with someone on the phone smh

It's okay, see the brighter side of things; at least you know you're not with an asshole that cheats & ball-less to breakup with his girls in person.

Lmfao at his text. Seriously need to use that line. FHL for breaking up with someone via text, but an A+ on the irony scale.

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