By toilet on the clock - 8/6/2016 10:40 - China - Guangzhou
Today, I learned that the three secretaries at work make spreadsheets about who uses the toilets, when and for how long, and then make bets on who will take the longest toilet break, who will use it the most often, etc. Now I constantly look at my watch whenever I use the toilets. FML
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  james_logan  |  19

People downvoting this comment probably haven't seen the other office bathroom FML

"Today, my coworker cornered me in the office bathroom and insisted that, because she's been watching me, I use the bathroom too quickly and must not be washing my hands, and that I have to wash them from now on. FML"

  MamaChey  |  22

#8: "Excuse me HR professional, I'd like to report a crime"
HR: "A crime? Sit down. Have you reported it to the police? What IS it?"
#8: "The secretaries are invading my privacy. They are timing my poops. EVERYONE'S, actually. I tried hacking into their PCs and deleting their spreadsheets, but that didn't work."
HR: "Wait. What? You are fired."
#8: "Aren't you gonna call Archer?"
HR: "Archer? WTF? No. You are fired"

  jassy33  |  1

Actually, it kind of is. It's really inappropriate to be monitoring someone's bathroom habits/times, it's none of their business. and it's certainly inappropriate to make friggin spreadsheets about the whole thing! Those three people crossed a line and should be reported for inappropriate behavior.