By toilet on the clock - / Wednesday 8 June 2016 10:40 / China - Guangzhou
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  james_logan  |  19

People downvoting this comment probably haven't seen the other office bathroom FML

"Today, my coworker cornered me in the office bathroom and insisted that, because she's been watching me, I use the bathroom too quickly and must not be washing my hands, and that I have to wash them from now on. FML"

  MamaChey  |  22

#8: "Excuse me HR professional, I'd like to report a crime"
HR: "A crime? Sit down. Have you reported it to the police? What IS it?"
#8: "The secretaries are invading my privacy. They are timing my poops. EVERYONE'S, actually. I tried hacking into their PCs and deleting their spreadsheets, but that didn't work."
HR: "Wait. What? You are fired."
#8: "Aren't you gonna call Archer?"
HR: "Archer? WTF? No. You are fired"

  jassy33  |  1

Actually, it kind of is. It's really inappropriate to be monitoring someone's bathroom habits/times, it's none of their business. and it's certainly inappropriate to make friggin spreadsheets about the whole thing! Those three people crossed a line and should be reported for inappropriate behavior.

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