By faulty plumbimg! - India
Today, I got my period 2 days early, while being interviewed for my dream job. Let's just say that I don't have very high hopes after walking backwards to the exit door and falling down upon colliding with the wall. FML
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  KawaiiCupcake  |  14

One of the hard things about being a female. I think we all hate when it appears during most unexpected times! Sorry OP, you can try and explain you're situation. It's not t's your fault. It sounds like you keep track.

  ottokat  |  15

I really wish period related things weren't so taboo. Like, hello, we can't exactly control it. It just creates problems like this - where it limits us because we can't explain our situation without it being "gross".

  just1n12  |  18

It's not gross to me at least, hopefully to other guys too but the rest of them run away at the thought of periods :/ It's just a part of a girl growing up, almost every girl gets it so we shouldn't be scared or grossed out about it!

  Arrow44  |  10

#12-Next time you have a wet dream and your mother wakes you up and won't leave till your up, politely tell her "Hey mom, I jizzed." Should work perfectly.


19- I'm confused. So if you bleed through your pants/dress while sitting, you shouldn't make some effort to cover it til you can handle it? As someone who bleeds enough monthly to be hospitalized for it, I'd rather not saunter past a potential employer looking like I got shot in the ass.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

Almost every guy I know, including myself, check out about every attractive girl. It's an old habit that's hard to break. Hell, half the time I don't even notice I'm doing it. So the odds of the interviewer sneaking a peek is pretty high, unless it was a woman. But if it was a woman, I don't think OP would have acted the way she did.

  BobbieH  |  19

Being a male but having grown up with only my Mom and sister in the house these things have never been taboo or gross or uncomfortable for me. I've always wondered why men have such a problem dealing with a woman's period. Its a part of life, and not a big deal. Men need to grow up and be understanding and capable of dealing with a period.

By  SparrowMint  |  11

Reminds me of the time when I was twelve and I was hanging out with a friend I'd met while camping at the beach. I'd started mine a week early and my pants were soaked from the water and I'd obviously leaked everywhere. I just burst out crying from embarrassment and stayed in the tent the whole night.