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The other day I was driving and a heavy metal version of frosty the snowman came on. I turned the volume all the way up and rolled all the windows down.

The folks at the nearby nursing home didn't approve.

  HahaHokayThen  |  10

Did this remind anyone else of that Hannah Montana episode where Oliver & Miley had cat/dog sweaters that made a sound when you pressed their noses so they did a duet for Jingle Bells? (no I'm not 13, Hannah Montana was a quality show, man)

  olpally  |  32

Lol, oh I should have clarified saying to put the iPod ear phones into your ears, not the actual iPod. Lmao. Thanks for the laugh you guys! Haha. :D

  Zomg_Okay  |  26

How is breaking a CD difficult? Just snap the damn thing. If you're worried about hurting yourself on the broken, sharp edges there are other easy alternatives. Throw it out a window. Drive over it. Hit it with a Nokia.

  WritingWrongs  |  8

Put all the tracks out of order. She'll try to listen to "Joy to the Fur-eld" but what she will hear is "Here Comes Santa Paws"... Her whole world will come crashing down upon her head; Christmas will NEVER be the same! Genius!

By  perdix  |  29

Buy some Christmas music you like and mix it in with the cat and dog CD. You won't eliminate your misery, but you'll reduce it.

Then again, what's wrong with you that dogs barking "Jingle Bells" doesn't fill you with awe and joy?