By bowler - 13/12/2009 21:31 - United States

Today, I had a job interview at the bowling alley. The manager was busy and asked if I could wait. Let's just say I've never bowled before, and I wanted to know how deep the hole was on the bowling ball. The interview ended with him spitting on my finger, trying to get it out. FML
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You tried to get a job at a bowling alley and youve never bowled before? YDI

justdancebbyx3 7

Who the fuck cares if you're first


There are two hole sizes. Also first.

justdancebbyx3 7

Who the fuck cares if you're first

Obviously you do cause you're bringing it up

cerebellum_fml 0

*shudders, PTSD last night with your mom.

I work at a bowling alley, and I wasn't stupid enough to do that. YDI.

sdcrazy1018 0

Egh did the spit turn you on?

You tried to get a job at a bowling alley and youve never bowled before? YDI

This. OP, you never would have gotten it anyway.

agreed! ydi

onceuponablack 0

this is exactly what i was thinking. obviously you should be working...other places.

i'd never bowled and i work at a bowling alley. doesn't mean you can't pick the sport up. there's a first time for everything.

Wow! OP, you are too stupid to get any kind of job.

wouldnt you have loved to be there to see her get spit on, with her sausage fingers stuck in a bowling ball? that sounds like youtube material to me, maybe we can track down security tapes.

OP doesn't necessarily have "sausage fingers". Jeez. With different hole sizes, if OP used too small of a hole, yeah, it gets stuck.

Newbie21 1

eww that's so gross

daowdedo 0

curiosity killed the cat. wow, you've never bowled before?! interesting.

Okay first of all How the hell have you never bowled before?! Oh wait, you live in Ohio never mind. Second of all, you should've gotten soap, not spit. That's disgusting. Third of all, how the hell do you get you finger stuck in a bowling ball? It's called if it wont go in, don't force it.

That's what she said. In bed. Last night.

ooooh yeah ;)

123289 0

tigg3r you totally win

Well, at least you were smart enough to use your finger and not something else

shes a girl...

she could've stuck her nipple in there to check the size instead of her finger, it probably wouldn't have gotten stuck. But if it did, she would've gotten the job.

So, there's no real differences between girls and boys.