By Anonymous - 14/09/2013 15:04 - Canada - Whitecourt

Today, a man walked into the bank I work at and asked what he would need in order to open an account. I had to look him in the eyes with a straight face, say, "Two pieces of identification," and ask him to put some pants on. FML
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Well, that took balls.

OP, I think you deserve a medal. How long after he left could you keep the straight face?


Well, that took balls.

Maybe he meant a minimum deposit and just felt like going pantless. Seems legit enough

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Did he say sorry?

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Don't ever apologize for having your manhood(or womanly bits) hang freely. That's your right a human to walk around with pants, or no pants. No one can ever tell me to put on a pair of underwear nor can they tell me to leave their house! My little nutty friends deserve to be dragged across your couch, your kitchen table, and your pillow case! You will stare, I promise you that, but you will be staring into the eyes of freedom! Freedom I tell you!

Damn it, #30. How many more times must I tell you not to leave the cage when I'm out? Now, get back in it... and put some clothes on before you scare the children with your hairy backside!

Maybe he was confused and thought you worked at a clothes bank.

Or a sperm bank.

OP, I think you deserve a medal. How long after he left could you keep the straight face?

I seriously agree lol I mean sometimes I think they do this to see if someone posts about them

Haha probably up until the point at which he turned around

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What if his name is Dick?

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Name's Dick, Dick Elastic.

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Its really kinda funny how the nickname for a penis is so...short.

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Balls aren't a valid form of ID? That's strange... And would explain a lot...

@45 police officer: "Sir, I'm going to need to see some sort of ID."

Grauncho 27

Maybe he wanted to make a deposit too.

It would totally make sense if it was a sperm bank.

Grauncho 27

Maybe he didn't care what kind of bank it was.

Well..... What happened afterwards!!!

Maybe he thought clothing was optional!

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Plot Twist: he left the 2 pieces of ID in pants other than the one he forgot to wear

Plot Twist: Man U loses to Liverpool! I know I'm getting voted down for this but it was worth it :P

Mackay92 14

plot twist: Man City lost to Cardiff City and drew with Stoke City

Plot twist: people are way off subject on the Internet Wait.... That's not a twist... Or a plot...

33 - Plot Twist: We have Pellegrini now

Wow, alot of idiots have joined FML since I've been gone.

Don't know how I'd react to that. Good job on keeping a straight face.

olpally 32

This needs a follow up. Lol. What the fuck??? I hope he was lost.