By davifilo - 26/10/2012 09:40 - Australia - Queanbeyan

Today, I went bowling. I noticed a 10-year-old holding an iPod Touch which had the exact same customized case with my name on it as my iPod that was stolen a year ago at the same bowling centre. Even better, the parents yelled at me for accusing him. I got kicked out the bowling centre. FML
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Some parents don't deserve to be parents

They went back to the scene of the crime without even trying to disguise the stolen goods? FYL


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He accused him a year later because he just noticed the boy had his iPod.

PleaseStayChill 9

It had a custom design... With his name on it... Seen at the place he lost it at.. I think he has the right to assume it's his.

#1, what a poor ass first comment. Customized, one of a kind? Your response is total shit. OP should have been able to get it back from the little thief no questions asked regardless of his parents' embarrassment (which is the only reason I would hope they'd have been assholes) at whatever point if OP just flashed corresponding ID. #1 FAIL

also, if he was smart enough to hold on to the box. He would be able to prove the theft by matching the serial numbers.

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You weren't being criticized for having an opinion. You were being criticized for not realizing seeing your own name and custom case on something counts for a bit more than circumstantial evidence.

It was a custom case. With OPs name on it. In the same spot where it had gone missing. It's safe to say it is OPs iPod.

PleaseStayChill 9

30- Once again: It had a custom design.. WITH HIS NAME ON IT. What are the odds that the thief would have the same name as the person whose iPod he stole AND somehow create the same custom design on it?

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crazytwinsmom 25

The proof is the NAME on it that would match OP's ID.

47 - OP CAN prove it's his name, and he might still have the box, or photo material with the case showing.

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wolfhausen-Yes, a year is a long time, but what are the chances that at THE SAME bowling place that he lost his iPod, a kid will have an iPod with THE SAME CUSTOM case, with THE SAME name? I seriously doubt it was a coincidence, and OP has every right to make an accusation. Sorry to you and Welshite, but I disagree.

ManInTheMachine: It doesn't bother me that people disagree with my opinion. In fact, I appreciate responses; however, when someone starts personally attacking my comment, I will retaliate. I look at both sides of the conflict, and how I would react if it were me; in this case, OP came out the loser. The fact that he got thrown out might mean that instead of talking to the parents respectfully and explaining the situation, he angrily demanded the iPod back immediately and started yelling when the kid refused.

Exactly though what are the chances? What are the odds that a year later a child has the same iPod, iPod case, and name in that exact bowling ally. Definitely seems too perfect. I know that isn't the point. Whether its fake or not, he obviously didn't go about it the right way. You see a 10 year old (who would have been 9) with your iPod a year later and you just go off accusing him? Like Welshite said he was thrown out. Not only does he sound ridiculous in having this perfect opportunity of reclaiming his custom case custom engraved iPod but he went about it horribly. On top of that a year later! Who knows who actually took it. Stolen or found it seems inappropriate to me. Please don't feel the need to apologize I thoroughly enjoy every comment you make whether I agree or not :).

There is no "finders keepers if over x amount of time", that's just foolish. OP has every right to claim back his iPod from this family of thieves. And the fact that A) the parents allowed it to happen and B) they defended their son's thievery when called out makes this FYL all the way, and makes those parents a couple of bitch-ass motherfuckers.

I think that is the point, wolfhausen. The odds ARE too great for it not to be the stolen iPod. I'm losing sight of the argument here.

"Name" as one puts in a custom item is more often than not just the first name, in which case it's not a proof. He might have evidence. I also said "unless he has evidence", which he *might* have, but he didn't say anything about having it. And if he did have solid evidence, he could just call the police and show them the proof, no need to say FML. LogicalMembrane: It IS his iPod. Nobody thinks it's not. The point is only whether he can prove it to other people or not. Because just him knowing it's his iPod won't be enough to force the thieves to give it back.

SenselessPattern 12

Honestly, 28 overreacted much worse to Welshite than his comment warrants. The insults were unnecessary as well. Good job being a dick to one of the most chill commenters on FML. It's like kicking a puppy while their down.

One thing people are forgetting is that the kid could've gotten it from someone who DID steal it. I had this happen to me once. Friend had a bigger, new ipod than me but couldn't jailbreak it, so we traded. Went and plugged it into the computer and it was "named" someone else I knew (first and last). I got lucky though, when I went to give it to the rightful owner he had already upgraded and let me keep it.

LiterOfCola 16

The case might have only had OPs first name on it. That way, flashing his ID wouldn't necessarily prove anything. I still think it's OPs iPod, but that could be a reason why their method didn't work.

"John" "John" Same name. Not enough. But same case, same ipod, same name location, same place where it was stolen.. Can't be coincedence.

jillybee101 7

Theft is NEVER okay. No matter how long it's been that child should be punished by law enforcement even if he is 10 years old. Kids should NEVER think they can get away with stealing. Ever.

jillybee101 7

76- How exactly do you know that? He could have asked them respectfully but the parents could have been so embarrassed that they denied it and accused him. So stop thinking it know everything asshole. You're wrong so shut up and quit acting like a know-it-all. ****. People like you need to have a word filter before they speak or type.

I think the only way to prove 100% that it IS OP's iPod, is if the bowling ally had it on surveillance video.

crazytwinsmom 25

Glad you tried to do the right thing. Not enough people do anymore.

"Excuse me, I don't want to make a scene, but your son's name doesn't happen to be OP Does it? My name happens to be and it is also on the case of 'his' phone, coincidentally I happened to lose that very phone at this very place." What did we learn?

fatcow282 8

Should have gave the owner the thiefs name

yeah. because i always engrave the ipod with the name of someone else.... just so people won't think it is mine.

Some parents don't deserve to be parents

Yeah, they should have to pass some type of parental exam first.

Lots of parents shouldn't be parents. In this case the kid is benefiting from it. But normally they don't and that's sad.

The kid still isn't benefitting from it. Sure he gets a free iPod but he also learns he can take someone else's expensive stuff and be backed up by his parents

He may be benefitting now, but give it 5 years or so. You let your child get away with that shit, in the long run it doesn't help the kid whatsoever.

Inheritance 10

I would've just walked right back in there and snatch it from his hands.

Some kids don't deserve to have ipods. Steal that little kid's ipod if it is yours. Some adults are dumb and believe anything, but what you say even if it is true.

"Oh, I will bring my 'parents.' And they shall be the greatest, most parental parents EVER!"

Some people don't deserve to be people

They went back to the scene of the crime without even trying to disguise the stolen goods? FYL

I don't think I would have been the only thing kicked if it were me...

wannabemom 5

Four is right. OP should have kicked little kid in pants and took back what's his!

astralvagan 20

That sucks.... It probably was yours, but you don't know he was the one who stole it.....

stormstarcj 12

The parents could've been the thieves! Should've made a police report!

beastiness 14

It doesn't matter, ( at least where I live ) cops won't give a stolen phone or iPod the time of day, it happens all the time at school and nothing ever happens

BunchieRules 31

I never thought about it, but now it seems perfectly logical. The parents could be covering themselves up by saying they had no idea what OP was talking about, and the 10 year-old wouldn't know what it was about anyway. And if the 10 year-old was the thief, "finders-keepers" really doesn't apply here.

stormstarcj 12

Where I live, cops would be all over it! They love arresting people! Lol

bman0219 4

Thats what I would have done too

You should have spoken to the staff there, or his parents, not confronted him directly.

My question is what kind of parents don't know or don't care that their son all of a sudden has a new iPod? If my kids suddenly had one, first question would be where they got it.

They could've said they found it. Hell, for all we know op could've put the ipod down and the kid picked it up. Op wasn't mugged, he could easily have just forgotten it.

The parents could have taken it themselves. It would explain why the parents got mad the way they did. If the kid randomly had a new ipod and simply said he "found it" it would clearly belong to someone else and I think normal people would look for some kind of contact information in it.

The kind of parents that are happy that they don't have to buy them an iPod because they stole it from someone else. You know; the kind of parents that shouldn't have children.

Chibitalia180 6

The parents could of been the ones to find it, then gave it to their kid as a present or something.