By ripmyphone - United States - Glen Allen
Today, while I was walking across a bridge, a prepubescent middle schooler grabbed my phone from my hand and threw it into the water. His friend filmed it, high-fived him, and they both ran off. I got that phone less than a week ago. FML
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A very costly prank. Phones now are pretty much life lines. God forbid after his phone gets tossed he needed to make an emergency phone call to help himself or someone else, but can't because of two little sh**s...

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

A good prank is humorous and is meant to baffle the prankee and make the person wonder what the hell is going on. Nowadays, "pranks" cause bodily harm, give people heart attacks, and damage personal property.

Fucking hell.

  more4me  |  27

No it's not! it's theft, and destruction of property. if it was an iPhone, it could be worth up to $700 or more. Or maybe OP has a contract with that phone
Now, OP is out the cost of a new phone. And OP'S data, texts photos ?!!! Why don't you buy OP a new phone if you think it's so funny!

  Saikon1357  |  25

Assuming OP had a new iPhone. That's an $800 "prank". Calling your friend from the hallway and then jumping out to startle them is a prank. This is grounds for a lawsuit against the kids' parents to fund a replacement.


you're the type of guy who makes those "prank" YouTube videos where the guys go around in the and steal people phones and then yell "dude chill out !! it's just a jooooke" when they proceed to beat the shit out of you

  noahelizer  |  7

All you guys taking this so literally... He's obviously joking and referring to the douchey viners nowadays that do the stupidest things to strangers and say "it's a prank bro" thinking that will make it okay

  cheeeksss  |  29

Speaking of karma... Pray that those kids will upload the video. Which you can use as evidence of them destroying your property, and they will then have to repay you.


#107 MTV/Catfish producers paid for and replaced the phone with a new one (speaking of that episode; that dude was a dick that should have gotten his ass beat by everyone he scammed)

  I_Like_Dogs  |  28

I'd have knocked the first kid unconscious, then beat the shit out of the other brat with his friend's body. No one would ever find the bodies. Or the camera.

  1947Chevy  |  17

76 op was probably in shock. Honestly you just had a kid yank your phone out of your hand and throw it. That's not exactly expected or remotely in the world of normal

By  Quendolin  |  24

Watch out! Exaggeration following! Based on Stereotypes! Do not use for serious purpose!

You're from the US. Why didn't you shoot them?

At least I tried to not offend people...

  pastea  |  5

I was going to say that you should grow up but being from Neverland that's not going to happen. At least you tried not to offend people (insert sarcasm)

  DoomedGemini  |  37

Generalizations or stereotypes tend to be down voted on FML in my experience. The one I've seen that's used often and typically isn't is the Canadian kindness stereotype, and even then you get people commenting on how it's wrong.