By Purplexus - Turkey - Ankara
Today, I watched my father attempt to light a cigar with the stove and end up burning off some hair and eyebrows. He tried to play it cool, said, "Haircuts are too expensive these days anyway." and walked out, his head smoking. This man is a college professor. FML
Purplexus tells us more :
Yes, this was my FML. Yeah, my dad is an awesome professor. Does anyone have any questions haha
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  OctoDope  |  15

Todays lesson class, is how to perform my signature DIY haircuts.
Step 1: Find any open flame
Step 2: Use a flammable object to ignite hair
Step 3: Put out flames to your desired cut
Step 4: Reel in the ladies

  evilplatypus  |  38

Some of my best professors were batcrap crazy.
I had a calc teacher come to class near tears one day because his favorite star went supernova or something.
Then there was my engineering prof who refused to say Canada or Mexico and instead referred to them as "number 51" and "number 52"
I also had a chem prof who would have full on hypothetical arguments with himself for half the lecture.

  evan_7899  |  28

#45, your prof is just ignorant for referring to Canada and mexico as #51 & 52, classic american ignorance that is folks where the american thinks s/he is superior to any other nation it comes across.

  IworkAt711  |  14

137- I've heard people call Canada the 51st basically saying the 51st state, because Canada is very similar to and right above the United States. I've never heard someone call Mexico the 52nd though.

  RenoTheRhino  |  30

Welshite, you are the fastest commenter I've ever seen on here! You're always one of the first few comments on just about every other FML. Every time I click on one, I'm like, "Damn, what's Welshite have to say about this one?"